Premium Rate Vs Free phone:

As insignificant as they may appear to some, telephone numbers are an integral part of your brand and image. Telecoms experts InverOak encourage businesses to think carefully about the telephone number they choose to be part of the public face of their organisations. Once the number is on your website, your stationery, your shop signage and the side of your van, it can radically affect how customers feel about your company and, ultimately, help determine whether they will call you or not.

Non Geographic Numbers:

Non geographic numbers are used by most companies as a way to market themselves, as well as to broaden their customer base and generate revenue. These include Premium Rate and Freephone numbers, both of which have various benefits. So, which is best for you?

Premium Rate Numbers:

If an additional way to generate revenue is what you�re after, then a Premium Rate number may be a good place to start. These are a form of non geographic numbers that are used by businesses when they want their inbound calls to be charged at a higher rate than that of normal numbers.

Premium Rate numbers allow you to earn money from every inbound telephone call by charging the caller for the time spent on your phone line. The revenue generating possibilities of charging callers for picking up the phone and dialling your number has made Premium Rate numbers an appealing vehicle to help generate revenue. The scope of applications is almost limitless, covering the entertainment, media, corporate and commercial markets. Furthermore, these numbers can serve a range of purposes, such as customer services, technical support, general enquiries and competitions.

Freephone Numbers:

Freephone telephone numbers (typically those starting 0800 or 0808) simply send a customer�s call directly to your current office or landline telephone number, which remains unchanged, at no cost to them – provided they call from a UK landline.

Freephone numbers can provide your business with a national identity that can increase sales and customer satisfaction. Sometimes it can be difficult to market yourself effectively as well as keeping your costs low, but easy and memorable Freephone numbers can provide one of the easiest ways to broaden your customer base.

With these attractive thoughts in mind it�s also worth remembering that Freephone benefits haven�t been extended to those callers who dial up using their mobile phones – a proportion of people that is ever on the increase. Not only is it not free, but mobile networks have charged a significant premium for dialling a so-called Freephone telephone number from your mobile. This is all to change in June 2015, when industry regulator Ofcom will enforce new rules that will make Freephone numbers completely free of charge, whether they�re called from a landline or mobile phone.

Remember that telephone numbers are designed for different purposes. Both Premium Rate and Freephone numbers can bring different benefits to your business; which one you choose simply depends on the needs of your business and your customers.