Online Scams

There are many ways to make some extra money online, but there are also many scams out there. If you do not want to get scammed, then you have to be careful. It is better to be extra careful than to get scammed and possibly lose a lot of money. Here are some things to keep in mind in order to avoid getting scammed:

-There are many websites that promise that you will become a millionaire as soon as you buy their product. There are many sellers of various eBooks that will say anything in order to sell their eBook. Some will promise that you will make $500 per hour just from working from home or others will say that you will become very rich just by doing some online surveys. Most of such “opportunities” are scams so watch out.

-You also have to be careful of scam emails. The so-called ‘Nigerian scam’ is a pretty old scam where a person claiming to be a Nigerian prince asks you to transfer some money to him, but promises you a lot more in return in the future. Do not fall for that. Even if there was really a Nigerian prince somewhere out there that needed help why would he contact you or me?

-Watch out for any emails that look like they are from a bank, but ask for a lot of personal information. Banks usually do not do that, so watch out for such phishing scams.

Turning Your Hobby into a Business

For many people, their hobbies are a way for them to relax and unwind from their busy lives. They like spending time doing something they love without the pressure of everyday life. However, for some, their hobby seems like the perfect thing to turn into a business. There is a lot of difference between doing something for fun and doing it for profit, here are a few ideas to turning the hobby you love into a business.

Make a Business Plan

Just like any new business, you need to create a plan to help you decide how you are going to run your new business. It is important that you work out how your hobby will translate into something you can market and sell. You might need to have bigger premises or more equipment to get started, or you might need to employ staff to help you. All of this will need to be addressed before you start.


As a hobby, you probably buy things as you go along to build up your collection or to make things. However, when you decide to start it as a business, you will need some money to begin. Once you have finished your business plan, you will be able to go and sell your idea to people that may be able to lend you the money. One of the first places many small businesses go is the bank; they might help you if they feel the idea is profitable. Other options are friends and family, or even crowdfunding.

Start Things Slowly

As a new business, you want to take things easy at the beginning, don�t try to grow your company too much because you need to know that you can meet the demand for your products. Doing things for a hobby is much different from doing it as a business, so if you start too fast, you will just overwork yourself.


It is important that you sell your new business to your potential customers and tell them that you are there. To achieve this, you need to develop a marketing plan that will target the areas where your customers will be. There are several ways you can do this; you can target social media, pay for some advertising, or use a company like your content shop. Using a company can be an effective way to start as they can get your brand in front of the right people.


When you start running your hobby as a business, you are going to need suppliers. Although you may have previously bought your supplies from stores, this might not be enough to deal with the volume you need now. You don�t want to buy too much in the beginning, but you should have enough to get things started. You may not have dealt with suppliers before, so you should do some research to find out the best way to find good companies.

Hopefully, you can turn your hobby into something that you can share with your customers.



Advertising by Giving

There are many effective ways of advertising your products or services. You will normally have to spend some money on advertising, but the better you spend the money, the better it is for your business. You might have been given some things for free, such as a free gift if you buy a product, or a free sample of a product of your choice. Giving things for free is an excellent way to attract new and existing customers. Here is why:
-People like getting things for free. Whenever they hear that somebody offers something for free, they are more likely to become interested in learning about that product or service.
-People are also attracted to contests in which they can win something. If you organize a contest in which you offer something for free, you are more likely to succeed.
-People believe that they get a great deal if they receive something for free.

Setting up a business in Switzerland � key aspects

Many foreign entrepreneurs and companies are interested to start conducting business operations in Switzerland and that is for a reason. Switzerland is considered one of the best European locations for setting up a business and one of the most attractive business locations in the world. With a solid economy, great government policies regarding the business environment, highly developed infrastructure, a favorable taxation system and highly skilled workforce, it�s no surprise that there a many advantages when setting up a business in Switzerland.

Choose a name for your business

When setting up a business in Switzerland, you have to consider that in some case it�s necessary to establish right from the start a name for your business. For example, in Switzerland all companies that are registered as GmbHs must have the word “GmbH” in the ending of the name.

Whichever type of business structure you choose, there can�t be two companies with the same name in Switzerland, and therefore you must check first if the desired name is not already taken. All registered business names are listed in the Federal Registry.

Choose the most suitable business structure

The next step is to decide which type of business structure is the most suitable for your needs. The most common business structures used in Switzerland are the AG and the GmbH.

The GmbH is similar in structure with the private limited company. It can be founded by one or more individuals or legal entities. The founders don�t have to be Swiss citizens or be residents of Switzerland, but they must have a Swiss representative in front of authorities, clients and business partners. For a GmbH, the minimum required share capital is 20,000 CHF, which must be paid up upon the company�s registration. The articles of association of the company must be notarized and the necessary paperwork include identification documents, proof of residence and a bank statement obtained from a Swiss bank after the share capital is deposited. Shareholders are listed into a public registry.

On the other hand, a Swiss AG has a structure similar to a corporation, meaning that it can be used for various business purposes, including commercial activities, company subsidiaries, company branches or multinationals. The founder or founders may be foreign citizens, but half of the company�s board of directors must be formed by Swiss residents. The minimum required share capital is 100,000 CHF, from which 50,000 CHF or at least 20% must be paid up upon registration. The shareholders are not listed into a public registry.

In addition, individuals interested in setting up a business in Switzerland should know that they can also form other business structures, such as sole proprietorships, general partnerships and limited partnerships. These types of business structures don�t require a minimum capital, but the founders or partners have full liability.

Documentation needed for setting up a business in Switzerland

One of the great advantages of setting up a business in Switzerland is the fact that the company formation process involves simplified bureaucratic procedures. The basic documents needed to incorporate in Switzerland are identification documents, proof or residence (usually utility bills no older than 3 months) and a bank statement. To prevent money laundering, the share capital must be deposited with a Swiss bank and the bank may require further documentation regarding the origin of the funds.

The articles of association must be drafted in the presence of a registered Swiss notary. After the drafting of the documents necessary for the newly-established company, an application is sent to the Swiss Register of Commerce, to complete the registration process. In addition, depending on the type of company and business activities, it may be required to apply for VAT.

If your plans for the nearest future include setting up a business in Switzerland, keep in minds to focus on a solid tax planning strategy which can help you benefit from important tax advantages in the country and avoid double taxation.

Advice on Writing Posts

I would like to share with you some thoughts about catching the attention of your readers by having a well-written opening statement. It is important to start your post by sharing some interesting statistical evidence. Many people like to deal with numbers, and this is especially true if you have some shocking or surprising data to share. I am sure you will gain the attention of your readers this way. It might not be easy to attain such data. Nonetheless, if you posses any interesting statistics or know where to obtain them, this might result in a really great opening sentence. I know there are some sites presenting data about the blogosphere. If that is your niche, then I suggest you use search engines to find some interesting data to share.
You can also use an analogy to capture the readers attention. Analogies are great tool to provoke mental imagery that will make your readers more involved in reading your post. We often use analogies without even knowing it, so it might be a good exercise to check whether some of your posts already contain analogies. You can also analyze whether these posts are more popular compared to other ones.
Overall, there are many tips I could give to bloggers, but the most important one is to have high quality content. Make sure that each of your posts contains some useful information and that you present this information in an interesting way. This will guarantee that your blog will receive a lot of traffic, because people will find your articles useful.

How To Make A Good Impression In Business Sales

First impressions have a huge impact on how everything that comes after them will go. Therefore, it makes sense to get them right. After all, there is only one chance to make a first impression. First impressions can be formed in as little as seven seconds, so you really do need to do all your preparation well before the meeting or presentation if you want to make that first impression count.

Be Interested

One of the best ways to offer a great first impression in business (or outside of business, for that matter) is to be interested in the other person you are talking to. Heading right in and giving a pitch about how great you and your business are (even if it�s true) is not a way to win the hearts and minds of the people you�re trying to impress. Instead, it will give them the idea that you are hard to deal with, and that you only care about yourself. People enjoy talking about themselves, so letting them do this will make them happy, plus it will give you some insight into their likes and dislikes and enable you to sell to them better.

Be Confident

There is nothing worse than going into a sales pitch and allowing your nerves to take over. If you can�t show that you are confident in yourself, your business, and the product you are pitching then why should the other people in the room choose to buy from you? They need you to be confident so that they can be confident. Engage with people by looking them in the eye and offering a firm handshake. Then speak well, showing that you understand and believe in the product you are selling.

Why Is Better Than How Or What

When you are wanting to make a good impression, telling people why you are in the business you�re in, letting them see your passion for it, and detailing the products with enthusiasm is a much better way to go about things than simply telling them how the product works or what it is. The why is always much more compelling than anything else, because it offers up a human story and a human connection, and that makes selling, and buying, a lot easier.

Don�t Forget The Marketing

Face to face meetings are important, and making a good first impression is crucial, but what about your marketing? If that leaves a bad taste in potential customers� mouths, then a face to face meeting may not be able to alleviate that poor first impression. Get some tips on how to promote your business well from sales promotions and don�t fall foul of the problems that advertising can cause. Marketing can also help you in your sales pitch; have some promotional products to hand out so that the people you�re talking to will remember you long after you�ve finished your presentation. Plus, you can run your presentation off the back of your marketing to give a cohesive impression your business and how it works.

How to Engage Your Audience

Without any doubt, engaging your audience is absolutely essential these days for the success of any business. Believe it or not, around 90% of people would be willing to engage with some sort of brand, so it is a matter of how you engage with them to make things happen. Below I am going to share with you some of the ideas you can use in order to engage better. You can also find a lot of information on the topic on

1. If you haven’t done this already, take advantage of all social media channels. These days, doing so is probably the best possible way to reach audiences in every corner of the world.
2. Once you have your social channels ready, work on your website. On your website make sure that you affix all sorts of social media icons that will take your users to your social media channels and vice versa, on your channels link back to your website.
3. Allow your users to share anything. People like to be able to be part of something bigger. Allowing them to share your content with others is just another great way to spread the word and keep everybody happy.
4. Whatever you do, include a call to action button at the end of virtually everything. This way your readers won’t be left on their own, but they will be instead directed to the right place in order to obtain the right information and the right time.
5. Take care of your existing audience and reward them for their loyalty. People like to get things for free, so why not give them something they might be able to use whenever they feel like it.
6. Lastly, work on your social media accounts constantly. Since social media are your most important way to engage your audience, you need to know how to fully take advantage of them.

Contractor Management

Running a business can be a complicated task that requires a person to know a lot of things. I know about it myself because a few of my relatives are small business owners and they have had their businesses for many years now. They like it that way and some of them wouldn�t like the idea of working for somebody else anymore. There must be something very attractive about not having a boss to work for. Anyway, in this post, I do not want to write only about running a small business in general, but I will want to focus on something that is called contractor management and all that it relates to.

The term contractor management can describe many aspects of having a company. For example, it can be used to describe the relations between suppliers and companies that need those suppliers. Knowing what to buy from which supplier is crucial and it can make a difference between profit and loss. The right supplier management strategy definitely can make all the difference. You don�t want to forget some important information about a specific supplier you may need one day.

Since contractor management is such a complicated topic, nobody says that small business owners need to specialize in it. Sometimes it is better to outsource some aspects of running a company and have somebody else take care of them. You wouldn�t believe how many people out there actually do it these days. They believe that by doing it, they can avoid performing more difficult tasks themselves and have somebody else do them instead. It is not about laziness, but it is about being smart. Learning to delegate early in a person�s career can help him greatly later on. Nothing is worse than feeling overworked and having too many responsibilities at the same time. I know a few people who think that they can handle any situation and that they believe that as small business owners they should take care of everything in their company. Nothing is less true than this type of approach.

How to empower your business with the help of loyalty programs

Rewarding customers is truly important for most B2B companies and that more likely to be important for a majority of business houses. You�re bound to create additional business opportunities by developing a powerful bonding with your prospective buyers besides creating enough ground for cross-selling. A powerful bonding between you and your target audience helps in securing an improved churn rate and improving user experience besides retaining your current buyers for long. That�s one reason why the B2B enterprises find it to be so important.

A majority of the B2B and B2C programs are developed with the same objective. However, a few different methods are followed by the enterprise systems that are used for incorporating these programs.

How to differentiate B2B program strategies from that of B2C?

B2B program strategies are designed to stay focused on a specific target audience and serve things accordingly. For instance, Dental Brands is a good example of a company with a loyalty program in the B2B space. Make sure you also do your research for determining the differences between the audience of each model and know their demands if you�re eager to do business with them.

Factors that contribute towards shaping a loyalty program:

  • Things that remain specifically linked to the buying cycle besides the audience�s buying potential.
  • The right means of relating to the stakeholders by addressing their needs and offering incentives to help them meet their long-term objectives.
  • Chances that help propose new values for the B2B loyalty programs to venture, and scope of launching a new product in the market besides the wide range of products affecting decisions to be taken by vendors.
  • B2B business models, industry activities, and market divisions.
  • You may study the above factors carefully for defining the right loyalty programs for your business regardless of whether you�re in the manufacturing or retail sector. The manner in which you serve your target audience will help you determine which type of program you ought to opt for.

It�s sometimes tough for you to determine which loyalty program you should go in with. A crucial factor that determines an appropriate loyalty program is the bonding between your business and your target audience. All data pertaining to your existing buyers should also draw more emphasis in this regard. That�s certainly a good reason behind so many of the B2C business serving such a large network as compared to their B2B competitors.� Apart from assisting and guiding your buyers, it also helps in being empathetic with them by identifying their real concerns.

How to gain an edge with the tiered systems

In an attempt to engender your customer loyalty, you must resort to tiered systems. This is one thing you must practice for the very first time you commence your business activities. Placing new orders is indeed a pledge towards businesses involved in your partner network. You may offer reward points and air miles to entice prospective customers and sign up for your service. Customers will find the opportunity to redeem reward points besides identifying a real reason to continue with their long-term membership.

Marketing Your Blog

It seems that many blogs are actively promoting their blog, but often they make a mistake of promoting their blog to their readers only. Keeping current readers interested in your site is important, but without new visitors arriving, such websites will eventually fail. What they should be doing is focus on marketing their blog to potential readers, instead of visitors who are already readers and subscribers. This does not mean that you cannot use various methods of promotion targeted at your current reader. However, if your goal is to attract new visitors, then you have to market your blog in places from where your regular visitors usually do not come from. Writing a guest post on another blog, getting involved with social media sites, or commenting on other blogs are great ways to acquire new visitors. Try to be an active marketer and you should be able to acquire many readers if you put some work into it. Generally, it is a good idea to have your marketing endeavors directed at places where there are people who could be interested in your blog. You want to market your blog to people who are interested in the niche your blog is in, so make sure that you visit appropriate websites.