How To Make A Good Impression In Business Sales

First impressions have a huge impact on how everything that comes after them will go. Therefore, it makes sense to get them right. After all, there is only one chance to make a first impression. First impressions can be formed in as little as seven seconds, so you really do need to do all your preparation well before the meeting or presentation if you want to make that first impression count.

Be Interested

One of the best ways to offer a great first impression in business (or outside of business, for that matter) is to be interested in the other person you are talking to. Heading right in and giving a pitch about how great you and your business are (even if it�s true) is not a way to win the hearts and minds of the people you�re trying to impress. Instead, it will give them the idea that you are hard to deal with, and that you only care about yourself. People enjoy talking about themselves, so letting them do this will make them happy, plus it will give you some insight into their likes and dislikes and enable you to sell to them better.

Be Confident

There is nothing worse than going into a sales pitch and allowing your nerves to take over. If you can�t show that you are confident in yourself, your business, and the product you are pitching then why should the other people in the room choose to buy from you? They need you to be confident so that they can be confident. Engage with people by looking them in the eye and offering a firm handshake. Then speak well, showing that you understand and believe in the product you are selling.

Why Is Better Than How Or What

When you are wanting to make a good impression, telling people why you are in the business you�re in, letting them see your passion for it, and detailing the products with enthusiasm is a much better way to go about things than simply telling them how the product works or what it is. The why is always much more compelling than anything else, because it offers up a human story and a human connection, and that makes selling, and buying, a lot easier.

Don�t Forget The Marketing

Face to face meetings are important, and making a good first impression is crucial, but what about your marketing? If that leaves a bad taste in potential customers� mouths, then a face to face meeting may not be able to alleviate that poor first impression. Get some tips on how to promote your business well from sales promotions and don�t fall foul of the problems that advertising can cause. Marketing can also help you in your sales pitch; have some promotional products to hand out so that the people you�re talking to will remember you long after you�ve finished your presentation. Plus, you can run your presentation off the back of your marketing to give a cohesive impression your business and how it works.