Commercial Building Cleaning and Maintenance

Commercial property management involves cleaning and maintenance services. Janitors are available to clean, maintain and upgrade buildings that are used by large numbers of people. For example, janitorial services are often hired by hospitals, airports, schools and major business offices. On a scheduled basis, cleaning in such facilities is done by a staff of janitors. Some commercial facilities may employ full time janitors that provide daily services.

Floors in commercial buildings must be cleaned on a daily basis. After most people leave the building, janitors can begin the process of washing and drying floor surfaces that are made of ceramic and porcelain tiles or even hardwood. Of course, carpeted floors are vacuumed and steam cleaned. Throughout the day, janitors must be available on call for emergency cleanings. For example, the cafeteria might have some spills of liquid and food on the floors.

Janitors must respond quickly and clean up the mess. Otherwise, the floor might become sticky and slippery, something that could lead to injuries. When people get injured due to negligence, the property owners are held responsible. Liability insurance may partially cover the personal injuries that result from floors that were properly maintained.

Janitors are also in charge of detecting any possible safety hazards in a building. Loose wires in the electrical system might indicate some serious problems as well as code violations. Cracked and chipped stairways also need some immediate attention in order to prevent injuries. Humid and musty rooms in a building may be prone to the growth of mold and mildew. Janitors must walk around a commercial building and keep a watchful eye for some minor and major problems.

Bathroom cleaning and maintenance are some of the major job duties of janitorial staff. For example, the fixtures and floors in restrooms must be cleaned daily. Paper towels and bathroom tissue should be replaced as needed. Soap and hand sanitizer may also have to be refilled in dispenser units.

Sanitation is a major component of janitorial services. Daily garbage and recycling disposal must be done in commercial buildings. All trash bins and receptacles inside a building and outside must be removed in a timely manner. Fox Valley Janitorial Services and other janitor agencies are examples of companies that provides cleaning for commercial settings. Janitors could be called in on a scheduled basis such as multiple times per week. Companies can conveniently choose the cleaning and maintenance times.