Stay on Top of the Game

When you choose to be in charge of a credit union, you are providing consumers with another option for all of their lending needs. People often turn to the credit union when other lenders have turned them away. In addition, a credit union often provides customers with more options. They have a strong sense of security when they choose your location for all of their financial concerns. To make sure you are giving consumers your best, take a look at where you can offer improvements.

Review Your Staff
Your employees can make or break your credit union. It’s not simply a matter of competence, although mistakes in banking can have major repercussions. Your staff members need to have positive interactions with your customers. Be sure to choose employees who are outgoing and enjoy talking to people. You want consumers to walk away with a smile. If you have any employees who are not meeting your expectations, provide them with an opportunity to improve and constructive tips. For those who excel, reward them.

Think About Your Atmosphere
When consumers walk into your establishment, they should feel welcome. If your décor, color scheme, and seating is not up to par, it’s time to make improvements. Make your credit union a place that people are happy to be and they will come back. You may even find them bringing in referrals, making your business grow.

Consider statement outsourcing
When you take advantage of the services of a company like, you can outsource all of your essential statements and documentation. Let the experts manage your 1099s, statements, loan coupons, and any other documents. Have access to all of your critical information in both paper and electronic formats. You’ll be better organized when you rely on a company that you can trust.

Plan Customer Appreciation Days
When you show your appreciation for your customers, you will be rewarded. They keep you in business. You can take the time to give back to consumers. Something as simple as a day with free refreshments or giveaways can really build a connection with your customers. You will have loyalty and a sense of satisfaction as you enjoy the positive reactions of patrons. Your employees will enjoy themselves as well. It is always good to give back, remembering that one good turn deserves another.

Mortgage Protection

Most homeowners who are paying a mortgage can expect to receive offers for mortgage protection insurance. A product that is intended to cover mortgage payments if the policy holder’s death, job loss or disability, mortgage protection insurance is available in several forms. However, many consumers are unsure whether they may actually benefit from a mortgage protection policy or whether insurance companies advertise the product in an effort to extract additional revenue from homeowners.


For individuals who apply for mortgage protection insurance, the odds of getting coverage are more or less guaranteed. This may be an advantage for people who have difficulty obtaining insurance due to health issues or because they work in high-risk occupations. Having mortgage protection insurance may offer a sense of relief to those who are unable to qualify for disability insurance or who would otherwise be required to pay prohibitively high premium rates for coverage.


There are some people who should absolutely not consider purchasing a mortgage protection policy. The most obvious consumers who fall into this category are those who own their home outright as they are not required to make loan payments. Furthermore, the value of mortgage protection payoff decreases as the borrower makes payments on the loan. Homeowners should also consider that, in some cases, paying off the mortgage in the event of a death is less advantageous than allowing the lump sum payment to earn interest in the bank while continuing to monthly payments on the mortgage loan.

Is Mortgage Protection Insurance is a Good Choice?

In deciding whether purchasing a mortgage protection policy is a wise choice, each homeowner must consider his or her financial situation and health. Those who work in high-risk occupations or have difficulty obtaining disability insurance are more likely to see the most benefits from having mortgage protection insurance while those who have other types of coverage that will adequately compensate in the event of a loss of income are more likely to find that a mortgage protection policy is not necessary. Consumers who do decide to purchase a mortgage protection policy should shop around before deciding to choose the insurance their mortgage lender offers. Homeowners should ask about the cost of mortgage protection insurance as well as insurance features, and they should also thoroughly research the financial status of the insurer.

Complete Training Course Lets You Make the Most of Visual Studio

Microsoft’s integrated development environment, Visual Studio can be used to improve your company’s software development process. To make the most of this Microsoft product, QuickLearn has created the world’s first complete Visual Studio training course.

This Visual Studio training is offered in multiple formats depending on your current understanding of the software. Basic, professional and advanced Visual Studio training are offered for project managers, developers, testers and IT professionals, among others.

This training will help you master all that Visual Studio has to offer. These include tracking the team’s actions, transactions, project requirements, and to build and test results.

These courses last from two to five days, depending on which course is chosen. For added convenience, most Visual Studio training can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

As with all courses offered by QuickLearn, you can retake your Visual Studio training within six months of the original training. Students who retake a course are able to gain more insight with a second look at the content-rick coursework and labs they offer.

Visual Studio training will help your employees understand the software fully to ensure that you are getting all that you can from it.

Choosing the Right Conveyor System

Choosing an efficient and safe transportation system may seem like an overwhelming task. As a manager or planner you’ll have to identify, develop and purchase the correct conveyor system, so that it suits your needs and requirements.

Conventional wisdom and a traditional mind-set has devalued the conveyor, viewing it as a low value item that only moves product throughout your facility or distribution centre. Due to their perceived poor value, conveyors are (typically) one of the last elements deliberated upon in the planning cycle.

Choosing your transportation system based on its initial acquisition cost is a risky strategy. The wrong conveyor type or right type wrong application, can undermine your operating efficiency – reducing profitability and stripping you of your competitive advantage. Instead of choosing something “cheap and good enough”, base your decision on the long-term value it provides.

Man power is expensive. Apart from repair costs, machinery is cheap. Your conveyor can safely, reliably and efficiently transport labour intensive, or unsafe (to move through human labour) materials.

Common Conveyor Systems


The most commonly used system due to their versatility and low cost, the belt can transport regular or irregular, large or small, heavy or light objects. When combined with computer controlled pallet handling equipment it allows for a more efficient distribution structure – rapidly moving large volumes through a process.


Easy to use, quiet and simple to install and maintain, the rotating rollers push the products along. Relatively inexpensive, a key disadvantage of the roller system is that it can only transport certain objects – they have to be of adequate size and shape so as not to fall between the rollers. If your do vary the conveyor belt would be a better option.


Trough shaped, they are used extensively in food grade applications where sanitation and washdown are essential. Vibrating systems are also used in harsh, very hot, dirty or corrosive environments. Using special pan shapes, you can convey materials at angles exceeding 45° from horizontal.


Your facility is integral in choosing your conveyor system. Determine the areas where your conveyor will need to stop, turn or has a gradient – then design a system that makes use of that. A good design will account for all loading, unloading and processing areas.

Have you considered portability? If you think you may move, a modular design will make your life far easier. Enabling you to transport the system to your new facility and customize it to the new location.


With many mechanical parts and long run-times, maintenance will be near the top of the list of your concerns. Some important questions to ask are:

  • What’s the operational record? Have other users found it un/reliable?
  • Are parts easily available? How much do they cost?
  • How hard is it to repair? Can my maintenance staff easily access the internals?

By looking beyond the short term, you can ensure the investment required for a conveyor system doesn’t go to waste. Do you think you’ll expand or change product? If so, choose a system that helps rather than hinders. With some careful planning, design and implementation, you can get the most out of your system – making your facility more efficient, safer and more profitable.

Finding Spare Parts to Complete a Vehicle Restoration Project

Some classic car restorations and rare vehicles have hard to find parts. This makes completing a restoration project rather difficult. Resources are available to find those parts, along with common spare parts as well. You can click here to view parts availability by vehicle type and part number to make your search for the right part easier.


When a parts dealer offers new-old-stock, these are original parts that have not been opened. The name comes from the parts being unused but not manufactured for quite some time. These parts are essentially factory correct and were manufactured during the production years when the vehicle was produced. There is no better fit than a new-old-stock part on a classic vehicle.

OEM Fabricated Parts

If a new-old-stock piece is not available, OEM fabricated parts is the next best thing. These parts are made to factory specifications under new technology. The makers of these aftermarket parts use the same processes, materials and quality control standards as automakers. These parts are safe to use on your vehicle and are made to be durable.

Any time that you are replacing parts on a vehicle or other type of moving piece of equipment, it is best to use factory direct or OEM manufactured parts. These are sure to fit properly and function properly. Mass producers of aftermarket parts use the dimensions of original parts to produce an additional supply for repair purposes. This comes in handy when automakers stop making a particular type of vehicle or when only a limited number of a specific vehicle type was produced.

Preparing Your Car for a Classic Car Show

If you’ve got a 1960 Imperial LeBaron or a ’65 T-bird sitting in your garage, you’re probably thinking about taking it out and showing it off. There is no better way to do this than to enter a car show for other owners of classic cars. Entering a car show can mean you win prizes and get to see other restorations.

Have Your Car Detailed

Car shows are all about the details. Have the exterior cleaned and waxed, paying attention to the door handles, mirrors and fins. Use products that are specially formulated for cars. This is not the time to skimp on your cleaning. Don’t just get a bucket of soap and water. Take your car to a car wash that specializes in auto detailing. Have the interior cleaned as well. Remember that people will be peering in the windows all day, so you want to make sure the car is in pristine condition.

Make Improvements

If you have been putting off making modifications or restoring your vehicle, now is the time to do it. Replace parts, upgrade your existing systems and order new systems. order now to find the best systems and parts for your car to get ready for your car show. When it comes down to a tie between two cars, the one with the best modifications often wins. The better your modifications, the higher your score will be from the judges.

Set Up a Display

Car show veterans often have tables set up where they can display literature about their cars. They display photo albums that chronicle the work on the car and set out manuals for their cars that attendees can view for more information. Having a display will also save you the hassle of having to explain the features of your car repeatedly to every person who visits your car. The more info you can give the judges, the better your chance at winning.

Ship Your Car

If your car show is in another town or state, consider shipping your car instead of driving it. Driving your newly detailed car for a long distance can be risky and road hazards can derail all of your hard work. There are car transport companies that will ship your car in a covered tractor trailer and get it to its destination in perfect condition. Find an auto transport company that specializes in classic and custom vehicles.