Finding Spare Parts to Complete a Vehicle Restoration Project

Some classic car restorations and rare vehicles have hard to find parts. This makes completing a restoration project rather difficult. Resources are available to find those parts, along with common spare parts as well. You can click here to view parts availability by vehicle type and part number to make your search for the right part easier.


When a parts dealer offers new-old-stock, these are original parts that have not been opened. The name comes from the parts being unused but not manufactured for quite some time. These parts are essentially factory correct and were manufactured during the production years when the vehicle was produced. There is no better fit than a new-old-stock part on a classic vehicle.

OEM Fabricated Parts

If a new-old-stock piece is not available, OEM fabricated parts is the next best thing. These parts are made to factory specifications under new technology. The makers of these aftermarket parts use the same processes, materials and quality control standards as automakers. These parts are safe to use on your vehicle and are made to be durable.

Any time that you are replacing parts on a vehicle or other type of moving piece of equipment, it is best to use factory direct or OEM manufactured parts. These are sure to fit properly and function properly. Mass producers of aftermarket parts use the dimensions of original parts to produce an additional supply for repair purposes. This comes in handy when automakers stop making a particular type of vehicle or when only a limited number of a specific vehicle type was produced.