Preparing Your Car for a Classic Car Show

If you’ve got a 1960 Imperial LeBaron or a ’65 T-bird sitting in your garage, you’re probably thinking about taking it out and showing it off. There is no better way to do this than to enter a car show for other owners of classic cars. Entering a car show can mean you win prizes and get to see other restorations.

Have Your Car Detailed

Car shows are all about the details. Have the exterior cleaned and waxed, paying attention to the door handles, mirrors and fins. Use products that are specially formulated for cars. This is not the time to skimp on your cleaning. Don’t just get a bucket of soap and water. Take your car to a car wash that specializes in auto detailing. Have the interior cleaned as well. Remember that people will be peering in the windows all day, so you want to make sure the car is in pristine condition.

Make Improvements

If you have been putting off making modifications or restoring your vehicle, now is the time to do it. Replace parts, upgrade your existing systems and order new systems. order now to find the best systems and parts for your car to get ready for your car show. When it comes down to a tie between two cars, the one with the best modifications often wins. The better your modifications, the higher your score will be from the judges.

Set Up a Display

Car show veterans often have tables set up where they can display literature about their cars. They display photo albums that chronicle the work on the car and set out manuals for their cars that attendees can view for more information. Having a display will also save you the hassle of having to explain the features of your car repeatedly to every person who visits your car. The more info you can give the judges, the better your chance at winning.

Ship Your Car

If your car show is in another town or state, consider shipping your car instead of driving it. Driving your newly detailed car for a long distance can be risky and road hazards can derail all of your hard work. There are car transport companies that will ship your car in a covered tractor trailer and get it to its destination in perfect condition. Find an auto transport company that specializes in classic and custom vehicles.