Complete Training Course Lets You Make the Most of Visual Studio

Microsoft�s integrated development environment, Visual Studio can be used to improve your company�s software development process. To make the most of this Microsoft product, QuickLearn has created the world�s first complete Visual Studio training course.

This Visual Studio training is offered in multiple formats depending on your current understanding of the software. Basic, professional and advanced Visual Studio training are offered for project managers, developers, testers and IT professionals, among others.

This training will help you master all that Visual Studio has to offer. These include tracking the team�s actions, transactions, project requirements, and to build and test results.

These courses last from two to five days, depending on which course is chosen. For added convenience, most Visual Studio training can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

As with all courses offered by QuickLearn, you can retake your Visual Studio training within six months of the original training. Students who retake a course are able to gain more insight with a second look at the content-rick coursework and labs they offer.

Visual Studio training will help your employees understand the software fully to ensure that you are getting all that you can from it.