Why Should I Register a .ca Domain?

Registering a domain name that is an extension of your personal brand or your business identity makes perfect sense. But choosing a domain name and an extension (also known as a TLD – Top Level Domain) is even better, because it marries who you are/who your business it with where you are located. Whether you are a Canadian business, organization, or simply a person residing in Canada who would like to show a bit of national pride with their online identity, choosing the .ca TLD makes perfect sense.

.ca is the official Canadian domain name extension, and as of 2005 over 75 percent of internet users in Canada put more trust in domain names with this TLD. Likewise, there are many residents and businesses in other countries (such as the United Kingdom and Australia) who use those countries’ official TLDs.

Like most domain name registrations, a domain registration .ca can be purchased for a minimum of one year, but you may also choose to purchase multiple years at once to ensure your domain name’s longevity and continued online existence – this is always an excellent idea if you are prone to forgetting about annual payments of various online services.