What to Look for in Asset Management Software


You’ve finally received word from above that your idea to computerise asset management has been approved, now what? It’s time to find asset management softwar that will live up to its promise, reduce costs, and make you look like a hero. Here’s what to look for:

Capabilities – As you know, software varies from one developer to the next. Compare capabilities to hone your list from many to just a few. Look for features that can make a positive impact on how you manage assets such as preventative maintenance tools, scheduling, work order systems, integrated inventory management, customisable KPIs and dashboards, and interactive reports.

Mobile options – The maintenance industry has long been a mobile one with technicians travelling to facilities and job sites in order to maintain and repair facilities and equipment. Whether you have a central dispatch office or manage mobile work less formally, your asset management software should support mobile users. Instead of issuing a work order in your main office and faxing it to a job site or branch? office, look for asset management software that is either cloud-based or accessible from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Ease of use – Your entire maintenance team will need to use asset management software on a daily basis. In fact, it will play a central part in their jobs. For some, switching from a comfortable, paper-based work order system to a computerised asset management system will be challenging (Source: maintenance software from eMaint UK). For others, it will be a welcome relief. In both cases, your team will appreciate having a system that makes their jobs easier that is also easy to use.

Flexibility – Today’s companies must be agile and flexible. They must be able to adapt to ever-changing business environments. Your software should be just as flexible. Look for asset management software that can serve you well both now and in the future.