What Does the Government Consider a Disability?

Many workers have disability policies they collect from when they suffer from long-term illnesses and physical injuries. The requirements for work-related disability policies are usually lenient. Workers may have to produce documentation from a medical specialist who verifies the condition and specifies the length of the disability. Social Security Disability is a government issued benefit that has stricter requirements than the average disability policy has. A person who wishes to obtain SSD benefits will have to prove that he or she:

Has a Condition That the SSA Approves

First, an applicant has to have a condition that the SSA lists on its website before the organization will consider that person disabled by government standards. The applicant has to meet the specific requirements of the illness, as well. An interested party can find a list of SSA approved illnesses by visiting the official website of the Social Security Administration and reading the list of impairments.

Cannot Perform Work Duties or Many Tasks at Home

To quality for SSD, the applicant has to be severely ill. He or she should have limited abilities in terms of work and performing tasks. The SSA will ask the applicant to complete a form that explains his or her level of activity. It will use the form to determine whether the person qualifies for the benefits.

Will Be Disabled for a Period of One Year or More

A doctor must believe that an applicant will be disabled longer than one year before he or she can qualify for disability benefits. The other qualifying factor is terminal status. The SSA will process an application for a terminally ill person before processing other applications, and the organization may immediately approve those people.

Has the Appropriate Documentation From a Doctor

A doctor must submit a thorough form that explains the person�s functional limitations, period of incapacity and the like. Sometimes, the SSA sends packets that are several pages long, and a doctor must complete them to help the patient receive disability benefits.

What to Do About Denial

Many applicants receive denials even when they have the appropriate information to qualify for SSD. A disability lawyer can help a rejected party to appeal for the right to receive assistance. An SSD attorney will most likely provide the client with contingency reputation because of the economic status during disability recovery.