Using Photos as Acrylic Prints

At some point, everyone has taken a picture that makes them think that it would be good as a painting. However, not everyone has great painting skills or the time to create a painting that they would display in their home. Acrylic painting crafted from a photo image are a major part of the folio collection for many people.

What Types of Photography Are Used?

There are several types of photos that translate well into an acrylic print. Some photographers like to take photos of works of fine art that they can reproduce as prints. A portrait featuring family members is a great way to get the look of an old-fashioned portrait, without having to sit for a painting. You will also find that this is a great way to showcase nature photos.

How is the Printing Process Different?

The high-definition type of acrylic printing uses a process that provides excellent color. A giclee print helps provide a greater level of color saturation than many other types of printing. An acrylic layer helps provide better color definition.

Deciding Which Size is Best

The size of a print makes a difference in how it will be used. If you want to have your print in a living or dining room, a larger size is a great choice. For prints that you will display in a den or bedroom, you may decide that a smaller size is the best choice. Many who live in homes with a staircase in the living room or a loft overlooking the living area like to hang a series of smaller prints along the wall facing the living area.

Mounting for the Best Effect

How a print is mounted makes a major difference in its overall appearance. Most have stand-off posts that make wall display easy, as they stand out a little from the wall. Floating wire hangers are also a good choice. When prints are displayed on shelves or a table, attractive stands, such as those used for religious icons, make a good way to display everything. You will be very happy with how your home looks with the prints.