What Do Business Translation Services Offer?

The world is getting smaller. Modern technology has brought previously out-of-reach countries like China and Australia practically to our doorstep. With our increasingly interconnected world, it comes as no surprise that businesses big and small are hoping to take advantage of this growing marketplace.

Global expansion is no longer limited to multi-million corporations; the internet has made it possible for anyone to offer their products and services to a whole new audience. The only barrier to worldwide success is language.

Talking Your Customer�s Language

It�s estimated that 27% of internet users speak English as their primary language. That�s just over a quarter of the 3 billion people who could potentially be your next customer. In addition, studies show that customers are twice as likely to make a purchase if they are engaged in their native tongue. People want to know you are trustworthy, reputable, experienced and can deliver on your promises, but they can�t know this if they don�t understand you. And if they don�t understand you why should they part with their hard-earned cash?

To successfully achieve international growth, your business needs to be multilingual. That means website content, marketing materials, technical publications, legal documents and other important content needs to be translated.

Going Global Using Google

Free programs like Google Translate have made light work of translating your entire business back-catalogue, right? Wrong! While this handy program, and others like it, is great if you�re trying to decipher an email from a friend, it is not appropriate for business.

Modern machine translation software is designed to make a statistical guess as to how likely it is that one word will follow another in any given sentence. The program doesn�t take into account sentence structure, grammar and other language subtleties; it simply provides a very mechanical word-for-word translation. This inaccuracy can result in embarrassing, confusing or just plain offensive translations, a mistake you desperately want to avoid in your quest for world domination.

Business Translation Services

Translation needs that human touch; someone gifted in both languages to artfully interpret even the most complicated documents. Skilled translators understand the minute nuances of language. Their job is to pay attention to detail with painstaking accuracy. They are talented writers, grammar perfectionists and faithful interpreters. In addition, they are sensitive to cultural differences, knowledgeable of words and phrases that are offensive, and will help you avoid a costly mistake.

Dedicated translation agencies will offer a full range of services for your business. These may include anything from basic document translation, right through to legal expertise, testing and consultation. Language is so much more than a random collection of words; it�s the sole means by which many of us communicate. So it is essential that you get it right.

Your business has its own voice, don�t lose it in translation. The right agency will provide translated material that faithfully captures the essence and key messages of your brand, making you ripe for international expansion.

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