Things Not To Forget About as a Blogger

Like every other serious profession, blogging has its own code of conduct. It might be unofficial, but it is still valid and should be observed to maintain order in blogosphere. By observing this code on conduct we can make sure that nobody is offended by what we are doing. There are many do�s and dont�s, some of them are more obvious than others. Let me list a few rules that I find interesting and worth applying.

1. If you provided your email address as a way to contact you, respond to emails that come to your inbox. If you receive some unpleasant ones, try responding to them as well. Obviously, you do not have to answer spam messages.
2. Check your spam folder on a regular basis. Your spam filter might have classified some of the valuable comments as trash for some reason. Do not let any valuable comment unnoticed.
3. Approve the comments if you use a comment moderation feature. There is nothing more disappointing for somebody who left a comment to see his feedback unapproved for many days.

Even such small things can make a difference, and you will definitely have a better reputation if you stick to these guidelines. After all, blogging has a lot to do with interaction with other people.