What A Personal Business Profile Tells You

When people are studying the business profiles of successful people like Robert Rosenkranz, they will learn what makes these successful people tick. Many people think that a love of money is the only thing that drives these executives, but that is often not the case. These executives have interests outside of the business world that give them balance. Reading about how these people operate outside their offices will tell young workers and students what it means to be a balanced success.

Their Family

Every executive’s family is going to be noted on the biography. It is wise to note that almost all successful executives have wives and children at home. These people are sacrificing time with their families to be successful, but they balance that with things that they do with their families. Some of the best youth baseball or soccer coaches in the country are upper level executives who love to play sports with their kids. Also, these same people have hobbies that they partake in with their spouses. These hobbis provide a balance that cannot be achieved by working constantly.

Their Hobbies

Some of these executives have hobbies that allow them to cool down when they get home. These people enjoy watching sports, fishing, working on cars and a number of other things that allow them to forget about work. Having the kind of balance in life that is needed is often best achieved when people are plying their craft in a hobby.

Their Charity Work

These same executives also give their time to charities. They might have their own foundations that help them donate money, or they may serve on the executive board of a charity or two. This kind of work puts these executives in touch with people who are less fortunate. Giving of their time and energy allows them to be more calm when they are at work, and it helps to give them needed perspective on their work.

When reading one of these executive profiles, it is best to remember that most executives have lives that go on far beyond the boardroom. Reading about them is going to help young workers understand that they must find some balance in their lives if they want to last long enough to make it to the CEO’s seat. Also, reading about these hobbies and activities make these CEOs seem much more human than they would appear to be otherwise.