Waster Balers

Whether you need a waster baler from micro to mill-size, the best way to go by far is to rent one. A baler is an important component to full-scale recycling operations as loose material in not easily compressed. It often consists of lightweight containers that take up a lot of empty space and this can be a huge factor in the transportation costs of hauling recyclables. By using a compactor, it can create bales of material of a standardized size and weight easily manipulated for shipping and storing.

If your company’s goal is waste management and reducing costs, then renting a waste compactor is the right choice. A business that specializes in renting, like Miltek balers, can offer a wide range of services like full training and installation to free collection of materials that can offer great incentives over just buying brand new baler equipment.

Budget and Tax Benefits
Some other important things to consider when renting balers over purchase are budget constraints and tax benefits. With rentals, there is no large up-front investment which leaves a business, especially a new start-up, in a cash flow positive environment for other needs. Also, when it comes to tax time, rental fees for balers are considered part of the cost of operations and are typically tax deductible. These two factors alone make renting a better choice than an outright purchase of baler equipment.

Maintenance and Customer Service
When it comes to hydraulic-based equipment like waste balers and compactors, maintenance becomes a huge issue. These pieces of machinery tend to break down a lot, especially under heavy use, and having a company under contract to repair and maintain the machines will go a long way in saving overall expenses. Also most of these companies offer a wide range of customer support not just focused on sales and service. Most baler rental companies will upsize and downsize quickly based on need and provide ongoing training, as well as full health and safety documentation for all employees.

With the huge expense of industrial equipment and the need for constant maintenance, the clear choice hands down would be for a new and growing business to rent waste compactors for all their recycling needs.