Large Scale Solar Efforts

The climate change problem needs to be solved by humanity by providing their determined efforts to make that happen. Various renewable technologies need to be developed and made more accessible. Flexible solutions and cooperation between countries are needed. In Europe, for example, there is EPIA (The European PV Industry Association), which is responsible for searching for flexible solutions of the environmental problems by involving major solar industry players from equipment tools suppliers (i.e. thin-film characterization, etc.) to public utility entities.��Roofing USA�is helping with this effort and is encouraging that everyone get their home inspected before getting solar panels installed in their homes.

The good news is that the future of solar power is indeed bright according to 2013 data on PV industry achievements. With China being the leader here followed by countries such as Germany. In countries such as Belgium, France, and Denmark there was a decline in solar power due to political reasons, which in turn led to the reduction in various green energy incentives. In such situations, usually some centralized involvement is required to ensure smooth operations.