Tips for Choosing a Location for Your Small Restaurant

No matter the industry, creating a successful business is contingent upon its location. Especially for primarily local companies, the ability to garner foot traffic can make a difference in sales. Those in the restaurant industry can attest to the amount of customers that walk through the door without reservations, especially near popular in-town sites. Itís not easy to select a restaurant location, but itís crucial. Youíll need a beautifully designed sign from Banana Banner to catch the attention of potential diners, but also the right spot to encourage walkers and drivers to come inside.

ē If at all possible, make sure you have parking on-site or a garage near-by that will allow you to provide customers with vouchers. The majority of people will choose restaurants with parking spots over those without. Customers want their entire dining-out experience to be stress-free, and that includes driving around to spot a rare parking space on the street. Additionally, many will find a space and choose a restaurant within walking distance.
ē Your site should be easy to see from the street. Darkened streets can make it difficult to find locations off of the main stretch, so if you arenít choosing a place in the limelight, purchase many signs to guide your guests.
ē Pay attention to the amount of space inside. Too large, and the dining experience can feel formal; too small and youíll create a noisy, uncomfortable restaurant space. Before you sign the lease, get measurements from all of the needed equipment and bar materials to ensure you are leaving ample room for tables and walking room.
ē Itís imperative to ensure your space is up-to-code and ready for a restaurant to begin business. Other owners will attest to the stress associated with delays from licensure and city council paperwork that can push opening day much further than anticipated.

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