Family Member

I don’t usually write about personal matters on this blog, but I wanted to make an exception as it is regarding a family member.

Some time ago, a dear aunt of mine developed a blood clot in her left leg. Aunt Flora had suspected that they day like this would come, but since she was a smoker most of her life not that much could have been done about it. I guess smoking when you are at the risk of having a blood clot aggravates the problem making it a lot worse.

So long story short, aunt Flora had a blood clot treatment, which was successful by the way and she managed to overcome the challenge resulting from her having a blood clot. She is well today, and she finally gave up her smoking after many many years of doing so. I am glad that she decided to do so because it was so sad to see her smoke and to see how her health was affected by it.

If you are a smoker, I would like you to make sure that you do everything to prevent blood clots. They are a rather serious condition, and everything you can do to avoid it is definitely worth the effort. If you have problems stopping smoking, join a support group.