Signing Out

Outdoor signs are a good way to advertise everything from a store opening to announcing that a new baby has arrived. A sign company charlotte nc offers a variety of services for individuals and businesses, such as banners that can be hung from one corner of the porch to another as well as small signs that can be put on walls and larger signs that can be put on a sidewalk. You can approach the sign company with your own ideas or give a few requirements that are needed for the sign before letting the company take over with the design.

Keep your signs simple. When people are driving by, they shouldn’t have to read a paragraph to get an idea about the event. If you are welcoming someone home or making an announcement from home, then add a name and a simple message that is larger than the other details on the sign. The signs that are monotone in color are hardest to see and often looked over. Use contrasting colors and fonts that are easy to read. You might want the fancy letters, but these are often difficult to read from the road or even while walking down the sidewalk. Avoid using colors on the sign that blend in with the surroundings. An example would be a red sign in front of a building that is made of brick or a green sign that is in a green yard.

A permanent sign is often the best way to go if you are using the information to announce that a business is now open. You could put a whiteboard on the sign so that you can change the information at a later time. If there is an event that you want others in the community to know about, such as a fundraiser or a relay for a good cause, then you need to make sure you have all of the information about the event and contact information prominent so that you don’t waste space. Promote any special events that will be held and any fees that need to be paid for registering or the events that will be featured.