Metal Roofing

When you see a roof on a home or on a commercial building, you probably see shingles in most instances. At times, you’ll see a shine that indicates a metal roof on the building. While there are a few negative aspects to consider with a metal roof, there are numerous benefits that you should keep in mind if you’re looking to remodel the top of the home or business.

Before you begin working with a company that offers metal roofing in Minneapolis, think about the area of the country you live in as this can have an impact on your decision. Metal is an ideal solution if you live in an area that is colder and that sees more snow. The ridges on the metal will help to keep snow from falling off the roof as fast. It’s lightweight, so with the weight of the snow, the roof won’t have the tendency to buckle or fall through in places. It’s also fire resistant, which is a benefit if you live in an area that sees a lot of severe storms with lightning. Most metal panels are applied on the home over foam insulation, which helps to seal in the heat in the winter and the cool air in the summer that is generated inside the home.

If the roof is installed properly, then there’s no reason why the roof won’t last for the life of the home or for many years. It can seal out water from intruding into the home, especially the attic space where you often see the most damage with a traditional style of roof. A metal roof often upholds to high winds better than shingles as shingles can easily be picked up and torn off the home. Metal is lightweight, which can save you money when buying the materials that are needed to add the roof to the home. Since there are large panels instead of small shingles, it doesn’t take as long to install the metal roof, which can also save you some money when it comes to the labor that is charged by the contractor.