Pumps To Get Gas

Fracking is a process used to get gas from deep inside the ground. High pressue is used with water in order to release the gas from the ground, and fracking pumps are then used in order to get the gas to the designated area. The actual process of fracking can be extensive, and the work is very intense. If there is one mistake while pumping or digging, there could be an explosion due to the gas that is in the ground.

A location has to be found before fracking can begin. Most of the locations are offshore so that there is as little risk to homes as possible. A drill is used to get to the layer of soil directly underneath the first layer of water. Casing is used to isolate the water zone, and cement is poured into the area to give a way to pump out the gas. Before the gas is pumped out, there are several gallons of water distributed into the casing. Sand and chemicals are also used. The drill used could go as far as 10,000 feet into the ground before any kind of usable gas is found. The mixture of water, sand and chemicals will cause the ground to crack, releasing the gas that is then pumped back out.