Leave No Stone Unturned In Your Next Research Project With Lexis Nexis� Quicklaw Full Service Research Tool

Anyone who works in law is well aware that in-depth research is absolutely critical to the success of any case. A rushed or incomplete research process that misses important information � whether it be the failure to investigate enough background information on a topic, or find past cases or statutes of relevance � can be incredibly costly. However, albeit entirely crucial, the research process is also extremely extensive and time-consuming: the best legal researchers know how to manage their time effectively. An efficient research process � one that saves the researcher time and effort, but still gathers all critical details and information related to the problem at hand � does not simply benefit those working in law firms, but other professionals who work in government and corporations as well.


Lexis Nexis Quicklaw Full Service will continually save individuals looking for an efficient legal research solutions valuable time and effort. Just some of the critical research information it provides for its users includes primary and secondary materials, legislation, legal commentary, court decisions, and current and archived news.

Those who use Lexis Nexis Quicklaw Full Service can rest assured that their research has left no stone unturned: not only does the service include a huge database of Canadian Forms and Precedents, but it also has more than 800 domestic and international law journals, including those from the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Lexis Nexis Quicklaw Full Service also has a collection of over two hundred years worth of full-text court and tribunal decisions, dating back to the 1800s � a critical resource for any lawyer. Not only can users access judgments from all levels of court from all Canadian courts, they can also search case law summaries, and read commentary and analysis written by experts in their fields to broaden their understanding of past legal decisions.

Law students will equally find LexisNexis Quicklaw Full Service�s search features to be particularly useful, as it allows you to search Canadian legal terminology, such as Commonwealth and Latin terms and phrases.

The QuickCITE Case Citator is a complimentary tool that allows LexisNexis Quicklaw Full Service�s users to validate the authority of their case. This tool can be used to validate legislation, and allows researchers to find the latest revision of statues in all Canadian jurisdictions. Researchers will likely find themselves needing to pull up cases and statutes that are cited in electronic sources, which are made possible with the QuickFind with Auto Link.

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