Corporate Advertising Is Taking A New Interactive Turn

Long established corporations all over the world have recently been upping the stakes on their advertising by publishing new and highly interactive websites. These specially commissioned and crafted new websites might include anything from a 24 hour customer help hotline to a fully interactive time tour of the company’s long and illustrious history. These new sites are taking the public storm, causing a great mass of new customers to explore all sorts of new products and services, leading in turn to a major upsurge in corporate profits.

Increasing The Interactivity Of Your Company Website

Increasing the interactivity of their websites helps companies to not only stay in contact with their base of customers, but also to more quickly and effectively take the pulse of the public in order to gauge reactions to various corporate readjustments and shifts in policy. And, of course, when new products are introduced, they can be given a rousing debut in public by being featured on the company’s official site, or plugged heavily with a new and fully customized site of their own.

Forbidden In One Land, Conquering A New World

Interactive websites can also help a company overcome artificial barriers that may be placed in front of them by a disapproving government. The Bacardi rum company is a perfect example of this. While for Bacardi Cuba may presently be a forbidden land, the company has its sights set on other realms to conquer. Indeed, Bacardi rum is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in some of the world’s most prestigious and profitable markets, including Western Europe and the United States.

Why Should Companies Increase The Interactivity Of Their Website?

If you are wondering why companies should bother to increase the interactivity of their websites, the answer is clear: Giving the public something flashy to gawk at has certainly never sank a company’s profit margin in the past. The public is always attracted to something shiny and new. Beyond the merely superficial attraction associated with change, the fact remains that people also enjoy participating in discussions with their favorite celebrities and companies.

A Fully Interactive Website Can Reach Millions Of People

For example, a website that puts the spotlight on a fully interactive history tour of the company in question, complete with photos, videos, and Twitter styled “Ask Us Anything” features, is one that will draw a great deal of attention in a very short period of time. Add to this a carefully calculated blast of advertising on social media sites and mobile app platforms, and you have the makings of a publicity campaign that could reach millions of people in the space of a very short few days.