Laundromats: The Perfect Start-Up Business in College Towns

College students are notorious for living life on a dime and trying to survive until graduation. Purchasing or renting a washer and dryer are one of the very last tasks on a student’s to-do list. Most students do not have even have laundry hookups within their apartments and dorms, so they must seek out a local laundromat.

Why Are College Students Prime Laundromat Customers?

Since most students do not have time to wash clothes by hand and hang them to dry, a laundromat is the next best idea. Many prefer a laundromat that is within a mile of their dormitory or apartment, as some of them also travel by foot. Walking is not very fun when hauling lots of laundry. Students have to keep their school clothes, work clothes, and lab wear clean, and they frequently wear several outfits per day. The typical college student will wear pajamas, work clothes, and school clothes all in one day. Laundry adds up fast, and almost every student is a separate paying customer. They do not combine laundry in the way that a family would. Students can be very demanding on a laundromat!

Equipping a Laundromat Cheaply and Effectively

For a new laundromat that needs to keep costs low, a small building stocked with pre-owned commercial washers and dryers is a great way to start. This is an incredible opportunity for those who have serviced washing machines in the past; whether it was through being an all around handyman, a maintenance worker for a laundromat, or a repairman at an appliance store. alliance washer parts can fix equipment that might be out of service, especially old equipment that can be purchased for pennies on the dollar.

Additional Income Streams for a Laundromat

For laundromats with extra space, it is smart to add a multitude of vending machines and games. Drink and snack machines are a given, as they receive a lot of attention in laundromats. Laundry soap, dryer sheets, and stain removers could be sold as well. Arcade games offer the students something to do while they wait, and can generate quite a bit of money. Quarter machines with gumballs and small toys or trinkets are sure to be a hit with children.

For the entrepreneur in a college town with a high population of students, a laundromat is a safe business. If the existing laundromats are always crowded, students will flood the new location in search of a short wait time, as well!