Keeping Up with the Times

Allied Time USA is a company that has been saving people time by keeping track of time since 1966. They offer any kind of time keeping system you or your business might want. From on site employee time punch clocks to online time clock systems, Allied Time USA has what you need for your business to track employee time.

What Allied Time Offers

Allied Time USA offers American made products, and takes great pride in that fact. Some of the brand names we carry are:
•Pyramid Technologies
•Icon Time Systems
•Latham Time
They choose to offer only the most reliable products, and only carry the best.
Biometric Time Clocks for Effective Timekeeping
Biometric time clocks are one of the many types of time clocks Allied Time USA carries. Their biometric time clocks offer facial or fingerprint recognition, which ensures that the right employee is clocking in. This feature ensures that employees are not clocking in for their tardy coworkers, thus increasing productivity in the workplace.
It is important to understand that time clocks should be connected to the cloud, not to a computer system. Connecting your timekeeping system to the cloud enables your employees’ time clock information is kept even if your computer system is down. Using biometrics will keep your timekeeping and payroll accurate.

Web-Based Time Clocks

Web-based time clocks carried by Allied Time USA allow flexibility in time keeping for you and your employees. These time clocks allow a person to clock in from the time clock, the employee’s computer, or even from their phone. This type of time clock offers automatic lunch deductions to save you and your employee time punching out for breaks.

Badge/Pin Time Clocks
The most cost effective way to keep track of employee time is through the use of badge/pin time clocks. They are connected to a computer system, and are activated by using their badge to clock in and out. There is no need to remember numbers to punch in and out. Even though the system is connected to a computer system, information is still saved to the cloud for safety and accuracy.

Your Comprehensive Time Clock Provider

Allied Time USA is your comprehensive time clock provider. This blog only describes a few of the services and products offered by the company. They offer anything you would want for your business’s time clock needs.