How your online presence could be failing your business

In this day and age, the way we do business is changing rapidly. Now all you need is a computer and a basic webpage to get your business or venture up and running, rather than the complex and lengthy procedures that more established ventures have gone through over the past few decades. That said, using the internet, and using it well are two very different factors. Sure, we all think we can schedule a few tweets, or post a video on a friend�s Facebook page, but failing to use your online presence successfully or wisely in the business world could spell quite literal social suicide.

As businesses look to make that difficult shift from more traditional models to creating an established online presence, those not in the now can soon get left behind. We are all led to believe that the future is digital, and this is even reflected in our increased use of smartphones, laptops and a whole variety of gadgets to make our daily lives easier. Yet, in the business world, owning those devices and using them to have a significant effect on your business plan, and ultimately your revenue, are two very different concepts. So if you are new to the digital era, or think you know it all, check out the below tips to see if your online presence is working for your business � and if not, why is it failing?

A lack of consistency

No matter how big or small the size of your company, consistency is key when it comes to improving your online presence. Firstly, look to use a logo generator to help you position your company and logo design. Once you have decided on your brand architecture and have rolled out your logo across any social channels that you use, you should also ensure that your tone of voice and color schemes are consistent too. A lack of attention to detail and poor maintenance of your brand will make you look amateur and inexperienced compared to other businesses in your field, so don�t let things slip. If you are thinking of setting up a website for your company, then it�s crucial that all these areas marry up � as these are why customers recognize and respect you. Remember that the online world is even trickier to anticipate than the physical, so don�t give your competitors any potential loopholes that could be used against you. Taking the time to establish who you are and what you represent as a business online is an essential first step before you can explore other outlets, such as content creation and social post timings.

Sporadic updates

Remember that the online world never sleeps. In fact, as no one physically owns the internet, you are free to conduct business 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you so wish � but that would be exhausting to say the very least. Remember that using effective, well-written content will set you apart in the digital space. Unlike writing marketing materials or brochures, writing for the web is a different ball game, so your approach needs to change accordingly. Factors such as your sentence structure, the tone of your content and the length of the words that you use will all have an impact on any visitor to your website or social pages. You could consider running an online readability check to review your scores against rival businesses in your industry � and see what they do well, if you are lagging behind.

Now that your content is up to date, be sure to keep your fledgling online community happy, as this will be crucial for your success. Sporadic posts and a failure to respond to posts or comments will irritate customers, plus it looks like you don�t care about clients. Nobody likes to be left in the lurch, and it�s the same in the digital world. Take time on a daily basis to check and tweets or comments and be sure to tailor each response accordingly. Remember too, that you will want to schedule your posts using a social media management tool, so that people all around the globe are kept up to date with what�s happening in your world, no matter the time of day or night.

If you aren�t doing any of the above, then now�s the time to give your social media strategy a serious overhaul. So don�t be a failure, make sure that you are keeping an eye on your updates and content on a daily basis.

Analyse and review

You�ve improved your social media presence, your website has now gone live, and that�s all there is to it, right? How very wrong you are. In fact, your work is now only just beginning, and this is the point that the majority of businesses get complacent and fail. In order to succeed you will need to take stock of how you are performing online and review your progress. Setting clear timings and goals, such as a quarterly review and half-year website refresh are a good place to start, as you will need to check out your digital presence with a fresh pair of eyes. If there are areas of your website that need work, then be sure to make this a top priority for you and your business, in particular, if these are the areas that are of most interest to your customers. Don�t worry about being ruthless either, if your site isn�t delivering then you will need to make some serious changes before you can use results. Do make good use of Google Analytics to track your performance over time, and check that your visitors are increasing, rather than dropping drastically. Reviews are a key part of digital upkeep; so don�t scrimp when it comes to this important stage.

Posts scheduled, website reviewed and branding on point? Congratulations, you are well on your way to improving your online presence, those hours of hard work were most definitely worth it!