How to Reach Your Target Audience With Wearable Advertising

Promoting your event or organisation takes creativity, and nothing shows off your creative side better than printing original designs on clothing and accessories. In the digital age, many people mistakenly believe that the only way to reach an audience is through social media marketing. Anyone who has ever handed out creative promotional T-shirts, hats and backpacks with screen-printed designs knows that social marketing is not the only way to advertise. When you’re spending time with a group of people gathering for a cause, the best way to spread your message is by handing out gifts bearing your custom logo.

1. Custom Caps: Printing your design on the front of hats is a sure-fire way to spread your message to anyone talking to the people wearing those hats. It’s hard to miss the custom design sitting just above the face of the person you’re talking to.

2. Printed Backpacks: Handing out backpacks with a custom-printed design is a great way to urge people to advertise your cause. Backpacks are an irresistible item for anyone who has to carry their belongings.

3. Unisex Hoodies: Hoodies are one of the best items on which to print a custom art concept because they allow your message to be carried by both men and women with one simple printing process. They’re always in style, and people continue to wear them long after the event is over.

Sometimes, the tried and true marketing techniques work best, and when promoting an event or organisation, having your attendees wear screen-printed promotional clothing is the most direct approach. When used with other effective techniques, your target audience will remember your message for the weeks and months to come. Visit for more information on the best way to market your event using custom-printed designs on garments and accessories.