Give Yourself a Raise by Becoming a Published Author with Digital Publishing

By Deborah S. Nelson, (Google Verified Author)

Sound a little time-consuming�as if you don�t have enough to do already?

Unlike much business marketing, including grey hat, black hat, and white hat SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, publishing a book can actually increase your bottom line. Writing a book which addresses an important consumer question or need, is a clever marketing strategy that really works! Explore the idea of self-publishing a real book (make the e-book version later) on the subject of your expertise. You already know your material, you simply have to organize it in chronological order and write it down, day by day.

The increased credibility of publishing a book on a particular aspect of your industry will help land that big client, close sales, build your client base, and even raise your fees. ��On average, first-time published entrepreneurs raise their incomes by 20%, once they become published authors in their field,� says Publishing Coach Deborah S. Nelson, Publishing SOLO founder, an enterprise that mentors writers to become self-published authors.

Besides being a potent marketing tool, wielded when you give select customers a book with purchase, when they read your book; customers become informed about what you do, what to expect from your products or services, and enables them to become better clients and customers–which again, increases your bottom line. Your published paperback book gives them an overview of the subject, and when they do purchase your products and services become informed fans, and tell other people about you, creating another wave of referral business. You may also include a full page ad in the back of your book about your products and services, at no additional cost.

Since when can you make money from your marketing tools? With the new print on demand digital publishing expensive inventory of books is no longer necessary. By learning how to publish a book, Entrepreneurs can create self-sustaining marketing budgets by using a portion of their books as a �free� marketing tool with anther portion to be sold. A clearly written, informational book can break even, while increasing your business net worth! Using the right print on demand services, and other affordable self-publishing services can set you up to utilize one of the least expensive marketing tools ever. Done with wisdom, a 150-page paperback book with a color cover can be produced for around $3 a book!

Another income stream from published books can be developed by accepting speaking engagements in your community; or giving workshops and seminars in your industry. Make additional income by offering books for sale (at the back of the room) with talks, speaking engagements, self-hosted seminars and workshops. Not only can that, but being an author of an informative book in your industry gives you an instant self-branding boost! Writing and publishing a book and broadcasting it across social media, could be just the marketing surge your venture needs.

Author Box: With a portfolio of 100+ books published by first-time authors, Deborah S. Nelson, Founder, is also a seasoned author of 14 DIY books and publishing coach. She offers potent self-publishing resources for learning how to publish a book, including The Dictionary of Self-Publishing Terms, Intent to Self-Publish Agreement and a free self-publishing toolkit for those who join the Publishing SOLO community. Because Publishing SOLO only teaches self-publishing, authors keep all copyrights and royalties! Client�s books are available on Amazon Books, Kindle, and other online booksellers.

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by Deborah S. Nelson