4 Ways to Jazz Up Your In-Store Signage

Signs are important parts of attracting customers. But what if yours aren’t drawing the sales that you’d like? What if they’re so dull and boring even you aren’t tempted by them? Here are just four ways to spruce things up with new and dynamic signage.

1. Use Contrasting Colors

What are your store’s primary colors? Make your signs in a hue that stands out. For example, if your store colors are red, print your signs in blues, greens or dazzling yellows.

2. Say No to Squares

Lots of signs are cut in squares or rectangles. Sometimes stores get a little daring with circles, but even that isn’t as creative as it could be. How about cutting your signs in zig-zags or spirals? How about forming them in the shapes of stars?

3. Use Multiple Platforms

Instead of the same old price reduction stickers, think outside the box with fun and imaginative twists on the usual designs. For example, announce a sale with a life-sized display standing in the aisle.

4. Be Unique

This is easier said than done, of course, but the next time you’re brainstorming for ideas, don’t think about what you’ve seen in other stores. Force yourself to come up with something entirely fresh.

Signs can make or break a store. Use these tips to help you improve your displays and light up your aisles with color and temptation. You can also click here to learn more about in-store signage.