Why entrepreneurial investors should take an interest in the UK

The buoyant UK economy and also friendly business environment has helped the nation stay at the fore of business for decades now.

UK competiveness, tax rates and a range of other factors allow the country to punch well above its weight and ensure that it�s one of the world�s leading economies. Recently, the country�s quite lively economy has also made the news and expectations are that growth will push upwards of 2.5% for the coming year � 2014.

For business people from other countries and also those looking to invest in a solid economy this can only sound like good news. The UK�s economy is now growing at its fastest rate for almost half a decade and it could be said that the economic problems of the recession are somewhat in the past. Now is the time to jump aboard a foreign direct investment scheme.

One of the big signs that the UK is now open to the world and eager for business now, more-so than any other time come in the shape of the nation�s visa laws. Foreign entrepreneurial investors who wish to invest in the UK may do so because of the good growth rate, however they are further encouraged to do so based on the country�s visa legislation.

If you�re an entrepreneur, investor or a company looking to invest in or set up a company in the UK then there are plenty of opportunities. These people can benefit from a Tier 1 UK visa if they meet certain criteria � something that�s a significant coup for people wishing to invest in, work in or play a part in the British recovery.

As the leading country in Europe for direct foreign investment, the UK is beneficial on a number of levels and this is something a lot of people wish to take advantage of. UK company Invest UK has a track record of helping people who wish to come from overseas to the UK to make the most of the opportunity. So, if you�re a foreign investor wishing to invest in the UK they certainly can help.

There�s been no better time in recent years to invest in the UK than now � so, why not consider it as it could be a great business move.