Why Drinking Water is So Important

I believe that many office workers don’t drink enough water and that they are constantly dehydrated. I work in an office myself and I know the habits of my co-workers. I know, for example, that the morning cup of coffee is all that many office workers get in the morning. Most of my colleagues from work rarely drink anything else while they are at work except for their morning cup of joe. One problem with coffee is that a cup of coffee actually dehydrates your body instead of hydrating it. My doctor once told me that if you choose to drink a small glass of coffee, you need to drink two glasses of pure water just to compensate for the dehydration caused by the coffee. I haven’t drunk any coffee in about four months and all I drink is tea and water.

One solution to dehydration among office workers are water fountains . Such water fountains should be easily accessible to all the people working in an office so that each person have an easy access to water at all times. I cannot stress enough all the health benefits water brings and how having a water fountain can mean that you have a fresh supply of water at all times.