When Can You Buy a Sports Car Without Feeling Guilty?

There comes a time in many people�s lives (usually at mid-age) when what they really, really want it a flashy, expensive sports car.

This is seemingly one of those guilty pleasures that we should try our best to resist but does it have to be that way? Surely there are some times in life when it should be possible to buy the car we really want without having to feel guilty about it. So when could this be?

When You Have the Money for It

It seems blatantly obvious to say that you should only buy an expensive car when you have the money for it, doesn�t it? However, it is far too easy to be tempted into buying a fantastic vehicle without thinking it all through properly. What you can�t afford to forget is that as well as the purchase price you need to think about the running costs. Sports cars tend to cost a lot more than other vehicles when it comes to issues such as insurance and fuel costs. You might also find it more expensive to get hold of replacement parts or to get the servicing carried out. Using a smart online comparison site such as MyCarNeedsA.com will certainly help keep down the cost of any work done, although you can still expect the extra price of the parts to have an impact. It clearly isn�t the same thing getting a sporty model fixed or serviced as it is to get a Toyota repaired or to get an Audi service carried out.

When It Fits Your Current Needs

Another point that is a lot less obvious than it first seems is that you should only buy a car that fits your current needs. This means that even if what you really want to own is a nippy little sports model you should only seriously consider it if you have the lifestyle that makes it practical. For instance, if you have to take 3 kids to school every day or travel to work in slow moving urban traffic then this probably isn�t the right time for the switch. This is why it makes sense for many people to buy a sporty car once the kids have grown up and they have a bit more freedom to enjoy their dream vehicle on the open roads.

When You�re Doing It for the Right Reasons

There are some good reasons for buying a cracking sports car but there are also some reasons that aren�t quite so right. A good example of doing it for the right reasons is if you now have the money and freedom to enjoy the kind of car you have always wanted to drive. Doing it for the wrong reasons could mean buying a model that isn�t right for you but that you want in order to feel young again or to have a better car than your neighbours and work colleagues. If you feel that the purchase is a solid, sensible decision then you are probably doing it for the right reasons. If you think that you are putting common sense behind other issues such as pleasure and one-upmanship then buying the car isn�t going to be a good move in the long term. This point is all about being honest with yourself and your motives for wanting a sports car in the first place. There is not point trying to fool yourself or you will just end up feeling guilty about it later. On the other hand, if you buy it for the right reasons and at the right time then it will give a huge amount of pleasure over the years to come.

When It Is a Good Value Investment

Depreciation can have a terrible effect on the price of your sports car, just as it can on any type of vehicle. In fact, there are many new sports cars whose value drops like a stone almost as soon as you drive them away from the dealership. Having said that, there are others whose value holds up very well over the years and which can even increase in value. You will feel a lot less guilty about splashing out on a high class sporty car if you can easily convince yourself that it is a solid investment as well as something that you will get a lot of pleasure out of. Otherwise, the bad feelings will probably start right away once you realise that you are spending good money on a car that will quickly lose a lot of value.