What is Vapor Intrusion

I am sure that I don’t have to convince anybody that spilled chemicals are never good for the environment and that when vapor intrusion happens it’s not good for anybody. Think about ground waters, trees, and of course all the people who are affected by it and who might not even be aware of the problem. There are so many accidental spills everywhere that it would be difficult to keep track of all of them. It is no wonder then that the issue of the so-called vapor intrusion is currently on the agenda of many environmentalists.

What are some of the most popular chemicals that can be spilled? Usually, volatile chemicals including solvents as well as many other petroleum products are some of the most common ones. The problem with such substances is that they can get into ground water or even to penetrate the homes of people who live in them. This can be a problematic issue as nobody wants to have any harmful substances on their property. If those substances penetrate the home of people we call it vapor intrusion and there is definitely a need to worry. Some action needs to be taken when this happens.

And what do you think on the topic? Is the issue of vapor intrusion of any concern to you? Have you ever been affected by it in any way? And even if not, are you concerned about the environment? Do you do your part when it comes to protecting it? I really hope so because one of the goals in my life is to make sure that everybody is doing their part.