What I Think about Scrubs

There are many things I could write about many different scrubs. One of those things is the fact that my cousin, who is a doctor, wears scrubs every day to work. From what she tells me, she likes them. I also know that in the past she used to wear white scrubs. She got bored with them after a while, which means that she decided to do something about it instead of being idle. After this, she went with purple scrubs, which make her a lot happier and a lot more optimistic. If one of the first things she sees in the morning are her colorful scrubs, it is no wonder that she is so eager to get to work every day.

I have always believed that doctors and nurses have a right to look and feel good at work. Why would only bankers and other office workers enjoy themselves at work? If a banker has a right to wear a suit to work, a doctor should have a right to wear something elegant as well. And who said that modern scrubs cannot be elegant? Just look at the collection of scrubs I am talking about in this post and you will know what I mean by that. Even though I am not a doctor, I would be willing to wear scrubs myself.