What Are The Benefits of IP Accelerators?


Thinking of accelerating your network but not sure what the benefits of IP accelerators are? Before going into the benefits of IP accelerators, it�s important to first understand how organizations access and use their applications. Once you understand that, the move to an IP accelerator could very well be an obvious choice.

Modern organizations and their users need access to IP-enabled applications across the globe, and across multiple device types. Common IP-enabled applications include, but aren�t limited to: web conferencing, proprietary client-server systems, remote desktop management applications, asset management software, virtual desktops, and secure online depositories and online storage systems. While these applications and systems reside �in the cloud� and allow for anytime, anywhere access, performance issues often interfere. When network bottlenecks and disruptions occur, workers cannot work productively. Frustration can affect morale as well.

IP accelerators are used to optimize IP-enabled applications, ensuring fast performance and eliminating frustration. As a result, businesses can expect the following benefits:

  • Improved application performance
  • Improved delivery of business-critical applications around the globe
  • Improved availability of applications across all device types including wireless devices
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved user satisfaction, adoption, and morale
  • Secure environment for sensitive business data and applications

IP accelerators are offered as a managed service, allowing businesses to leverage the service provider�s optimized network. These networks use a variety of WAN optimization techniques to provide an optimized, high performance environment for secure access to IP-enabled applications and data (Source: WAN Optimization by Aryaka). Uptime and performance are assured by the service provider�s SLA. Meanwhile, your entire global team will notice a vast improvement in application and data delivery. If your wide area network spans a nation, an ocean, or even the entire globe, an IP accelerator is an excellent choice to ensure the best WAN performance possible.