Using Promotional DVDs to Market Your Business

Most entrepreneurs understand the benefits of using video as a marketing tool. With YouTube the second most popular social network, it�s clear we all love video. Of course, it is not surprising given that video is incredibly versatile. Words and images are powerful, so when you combine the two, you can tell a story and persuade potential customers to buy your products and services. So, where do DVDs fit into this plan?

Uploading a promotional video to your website or sending clients a link to your YouTube channel is a no-brainer, but there are times when an online video isn�t appropriate. For example, if your clients live in a developing part of the world where internet connectivity isn�t so great, directing them to a website and asking them to stream a 10-minute video might not work.

The Value of a DVD

DVDs provide instant access to video materials and can be played on a DVD player, laptops, and desktop computers. A DVD player can also be connected to an audio-visual system and projected on to a large screen, which is handy if you are a keynote speaker at a conference and you want to show off a promotional video of a product your company has designed.

Here are some of the scenarios where a promotional DVD could be used to market your business.

Key Places to Use Promotional DVDs

As we have already mentioned, DVDs are a useful tool if you are giving a presentation. It is easy to stop/start a DVD, so you can let your audience watch a few scenes and then stop the film to add your own commentary or further explanation. Once the presentation is over, hand out copies of the DVD in marketing packs, so attendees can take them home to watch again at their leisure.

Distribute DVDs in marketing packs if you attend a trade show. A DVD takes up less room than a company brochure or magazine, yet you can include a lot of information on one disc, including software, a catalog of products and services, detailed information on each product, and clips on how to use various products.

Offline marketing is often overlooked by companies, but offline marketing is still valid and promotional DVDs can be a part of your next marketing strategy. Send out DVDs to your loyal customers. Include software they might find useful or �how-to� videos of your best products. It is bound to capture their attention.

Creating a Promotional DVD

Quality is very important. There is no point burning a hundred DVDs for marketing purposes if the quality of the product is below par. Customers are more discerning these days and they expect a decent quality product. Spend time and money creating a good quality promotional film or �how-to� video. If you don�t have the right equipment, outsource the production to a third-party company. If you want to duplicate your own DVDs, visit Burn World for advice.

Don�t dismiss the notion of DVDs. They still have plenty of clout in an internet-obsessed world, especially for marketing purposes.