Used Machinery at a Discount

Cost conscious manufacturing executives are always on the look out for reasonably priced used equipment. If the machinery is quality made, in good condition and fits a need, they understand that the cost savings allows them to allocate precious resources to other areas of the operation.

Companies sell used equipment on a regular basis and for a variety of reasons. The company may have discontinued a line of product and has no further need for it. It may be due to a company merger or a liquidation of assets. But a used piece of equipment does not equate with inferior quality.

In the past, a plant manager or factory executive would have to rely on items like trade journal classifieds or word of mouth to find a bargain piece of machinery. The internet has changed all of that. Now, someone in the market for new or used equipment can now search web pages for his or her needs. There are now companies available who offer all types of machinery available for purchase on either a fixed price or auction basis.

Sheet metal press brakes, fabrication equipment, grinders and computer controlled CNC machines are all available online. A reputable company will provide color photographs, a detailed description of the machine with specifications and a fair offering price. Many of these companies will stand by what they sell and offer a limited warranty.

For those who need to sell unused machinery, many of these same companies can act as a consignment agent, or in some cases, may offer to buy. In nearly every case, the machinery dealer will be able to reach more people, especially those in the market for the machinery offered.

Some of these companies also offer machinery appraisals services. Companies may require machinery appraisals for a number of reasons. First, they may wish to sell some or all of their extra machinery. Secondly, the company may be obtaining financing and will need an appraisal for their financial statements provided to the lender. Lastly, there may be tax or accounting reasons for the appraisal.

A machinery dealer can be a good first step in a quality appraisal. In terms of used machinery, the company may have little idea of what its current market value is. Because the dealer buys and sells similar equipment on a regular basis, the dealer is in a better position to judge the market. But for whatever reason, the manager with a desire to hold costs down is smart to review some of the machinery dealers who advertise their inventory online.