The Most Common Construction Business Safety Issues and how to Avoid them

Construction sites are one of the most hazardous environments in the world in which to work. The exposure to a range of different potential problems means that possible injury or worse is a reality on an everyday basis.

Identifying issues and the things that are most likely to cause dangers can be encountered during the normal day is one of the best ways to prevent harm and injury. By understanding the most common causes of harm or injury you greatly cut the chance of problems. So, let�s take a look at some of the most common as identified by the OSHA – the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


Electricity is a prominent safety issue in the workplace and also at home. People who work with electricity on an everyday basis face a constant need to be very vigilant and extremely careful as the repercussions are huge. People who also work in proximity to or with machines that can be raised in proximity to power lines also need to be careful and be sure they�re working a safe distance from the power lines at all times.


Excavation and trenching are also extremely hazardous jobs and account for a lot of fatalities in construction across the world. This is mainly caused by cave-ins and similar issues. Employers need to be careful to use protective equipment to prevent such issues.


Falls from scaffolding or heights are one of the main causes of issues and are far too common. Falling from ladders, scaffolding or roofs is the cause of almost half the issues to do with safety in the workplace. The reason this is the case is that there are so many jobs that require people to work from a height and also a lot of hazards. Generally, people are injured and fall because of ladders breaking, trips and slips and the best way of eliminating this is the proper gear for working from a height � UK safety store sells a range of this gear. Workers also need to be trained so they can evaluate the issues at hand themselves and so understand the risks involved with exposure to working from a height. This allows them to limit the number of falls they may risk.

Stairways and scaffolding

Stairways, scaffolding and ladders are also significant problems for people and according to sources, there are numerous injuries caused by these each year. In this case the problems lie in the quality of the equipment that is used.

In fact, one in five scaffolding falls is fatal and dozens of people die from accidents related to this area of construction. Scaffold failure, being struck by suspended materials and electrical shocks are just some of the issues at hand that people face on a regular basis. Scaffolding should meet OSHA standards in the US and bracing, equipment for working from a height and also guardrails should be used.

Heavy Construction Equipment

Another very common cause of issues � heavy machinery causes problems when people are hit backing up, equipment rollovers and issues regarding brakes, buckets and hoes. Prevention can be achieved through following safety guidelines and care.

Safety risks in construction are always going to be there, however through the use of proper equipment and safe identification of hazards they can be prevented.