The importance of eye care in business

These days it is increasingly apparent that employers need to reward their employees with more than money. Studies have shown that benefits and perks are just as valued as a raise in pay, if not more so. The best talent will stay with a company not simply because they are paid well, but also because they feel valued as an individual.

Best business perks and benefits

Companies that are open with employees about the state of the business have been found to have higher levels of engagement among staff. Openness helps employees feel included in the outcomes of the organization. Similarly, companies that encourage communication and welcome employee ideas are also the most successful. This might mean encouraging actual face-to-face discussions instead of constant emailing, or simply creating physical spaces with chairs and tables presented invitingly, to facilitate debate.

Some companies even offer unlimited paid vacations, which means employees feel trusted to manage their own time and behave responsibly. Those who feel trusted are more likely to stay within the business. Other extras such as vouchers, dinner coupons, tickets to a new show, as well as paid days off on birthdays or around holidays can also help make employees feel like individuals, rather than numbers.

Perks can also extend to extra salary supplements, such as added healthcare benefits and paid programs such as dental coverage, gym memberships, extra paid maternity and paternity leave, transportation loans, and wellness packages.

Why eye care coverage may be essential

The most successful companies might also offer extras such as optical coverage. This is especially important for employees whose job includes spending hours in front of a screen. Looking at a computer, tablet or phone screen for too long may strain eye muscles and increase eye tiredness. It can cause blurred vision, headaches, and dry eyes. It can also lead to pain in the shoulders and neck, reduce productivity, damage sleep quality, and even increase the incidence of depression. Companies that care about their employees� health can encourage them to work with clinics such as Denver Eye Surgeons, who specialize in eye exams and LASIK consultation in Denver.

The clinic�s doctors can test eye muscle strength, visual clarity, the width of field of vision, the health of retinas, and the pressure inside eyes and eye sockets. This can help determine the overall health of eyes, and offer the chance to fix any problems, either via glasses, contact lenses, or more long-lasting solutions such as LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis). LASIK is a relatively-painless, safe process that uses a laser to correct vision problems permanently, and it can also help with more serious eye issues.
Employers who value their employees� health will not overlook the importance of eye care, especially if employees use computers regularly. Alongside other health benefits and perks, companies that value wellness and overall health, including eye health, will attract and retain the best talent, and see higher levels of engagement and success.