The Biggest Risks of Data Loss and How to Avoid It

Imagine losing all the data you have gathered over the years, if suddenly all your documents, photos, software and videos disappeared. How would that affect your company? We guess it would have a significant impact on your productivity, performance and finances. For this reason, we are looking at the biggest risk of data loss and how you can avoid it.

The Impact of Data Loss

Many organizations across the world are embracing big data to move their company into the future. Unfortunately, a data loss could set you back rather than move your business forward as you will have to play catch-up with your rivals. Don�t forget, every organization has a legal responsibility to preserve their customer, client and employee information for many years, before securely disposing of their personal and financial data.

The Many Causes of Data Loss

There are many causes of data loss from a PC or device, such as a computer crash, hard drive failure, virus, malware or accidental deletion. Your ability to retrieve some or all your data will be determined by the cause of the data loss.

For example, it is often easier to retrieve data due to a software issue over a hardware issue. However, we strongly recommend avoiding a DIY retrieval, as you may cause more harm than good. If you need to retrieve sensitive data successfully, it is advisable to contact a data recovery company in NYC, who will have the best chance of retrieving valuable data.

Talented technicians have the experience and tools to quickly and successfully retrieve company data in a secure cleanroom. Also, most recovery specialists will not charge for their services if they are unable to retrieve your data.

However, some software data issues can be resolved with the help of data recovery software, as they can help Windows recover from a logical problem, such as a computer virus, accidental deletion or corrupted file.

Have a Backup Plan

However, the best way to prevent a data issue is to have a backup plan. Each company is responsible for ensuring all their data is backed up � and the authorities will not take ignorance as a good excuse if you lose your customer or employee information.

It is, therefore, essential to back-up on an external hard drive, cloud-based solution and a physical copy � so you will have access to all your files following a cyber attack, human error or a damaging force of Mother Nature.


Not only must you have a backup plan in place, but you must also ensure your files do not fall vulnerable to a cyber attack. It is, therefore, wise to install an antivirus program to protect your sensitive data from ransomware, Trojan viruses or other malicious malware. Depending on the size of your company, you should also consider sophisticated security solutions that will heighten your security levels and protect your network�s infrastructure.

Do not risk losing your data and start backing up your files today. Make sure to install an antivirus and have the contact details of a data recovery specialist to hand should the worst happen.