The advantages of branded USB drives

Today many brands focus their marketing efforts on their online campaigns. Whilst online marketing is essential in the modern day world of business, it is vital not to forget the importance of offline marketing. Promotional products such as branded USB drives play an important role in companies� offline marketing campaigns. In this article we will explain the advantages of branded USB drives.

Want to make a lasting impression on clients? Gift them with one of your bespoke branded USB drives.
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Leave customers with an excellent impression of your business

The purpose of trade events is to interact with potential customers in attempt to generate as many meaningful leads as possible. Many companies find it beneficial to giveaway promotional merchandise as a way to provide potential customers as a reminder of their business. One of the best types of promotional merchandise is branded USB drives. Not only will they stand out amongst the mugs, badges and business cards that other companies are handing out, but they will also be of more value to customers.

Giving away branded USB drives at trade events will show customers that you take pride in your appearance and value quality above all.


Practical product that customers can actually use

Unlike other promotional products, branded USB drives actually have a purpose. People can use them to store their favourite family photographs, their files from work or even their favourite music tracks. The fact that branded USB drives are actually very useful, means that your customers will be more likely to use them, more than something like a mug (which they probably have hundreds of already) or a badge (that has very little purpose).

If your customers are using your branded USB drives to save their files at work or transfer their photographs from one device to another, it is likely they will be using them a number of times in a single day. Every time your customers use the branded USB drives you gave them, they will see your company logo printed on the side. The more they see your logo, the more likely they are to remember it in the future. When they need the products or services you provide, because they have seen your company logo everyday, they are more likely to choose your company over one of your competitors.


Pre-load them with your marketing materials

Another great aspect of branded USB drives is that you can pre-load them with your company�s marketing materials. For example, you may want to load your company brochure or catalogue onto the USB drives you hand out to customers, so when they use them at home, they can have a browse of them at their own leisure. Customers are much more likely to really consider your products and their benefits if they are in the comfort of their own home and not under pressure at a busy trade event.

You may also want to consider pre-loading your promotional USB drives with a voucher or discount code for your customers to use. This is particularly useful if you are launching a new range of products, as it gives the customer an incentive to try them. When handing out your promotional USB drives at trade events and exhibitions, be sure to tell customers that there is a treat for them on the drive, so they do not accidentally delete it!

Why not pre-load your promotional USB drives with a discount code as a way to entice customers to buy your products or trial your services.
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Businesses that have a marketing strategy consisting of both online and offline elements are more likely to succeed than those that focus solely on one or the other. If you are looking for a way to strengthen your offline marketing campaign and engage with potential customers, we highly recommend investing in bespoke branded USB drives. Give them out at trade events, press days, product launches and exhibitions to advertise to customers and leave them with a lasting impression of your company.


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