Testing Til Destruction – Preparing Your Product for Global Distribution

Your design is ready for production. Or, at least you think it is. You and your team have done the required quality assurance testing required by North America authorities. You’ve gone through the FCC, DOE, EISA 2007, and EnergyStar. All tests came out green.

How About International Testing

However, have you done any testing for the international market? Though you are ready to go in North America, you may not be certified for overseas sales. For instance, your product may not be ready for the EU grid connection. Or, it’s not compliant with Northeast Asia’s Energy Label.

If you haven’t thought about these markets yet, then you need to pause and determine how best to test your product for global compliance. This is where you need a company that specializes in global market access product safety testing.

International Approvals Management

Many companies, Curtis-Straus being one of them, conduct a series of tests under International Approvals Management to certify your product is given the global green light. Once you provide your design to their team, they’ll go over the specifications to determine if any changes are needed to pass international tests.

These companies have other benefits as well when it comes to global market access product safety testing. One of these is knowledge. As they work in the environment on a regular basis, these testing organizations are aware of updates to international policies. Therefore, they can alert you immediately if there is a significant change that could delay distribution.

Another benefit is timeliness. These companies are aware you’re on a deadline. So, their liaisons reach out to these international agencies and work with them to complete their testing on schedule. In the case there are delays, the approvals team alerts you to the reasons and what they are doing to keep the project going.

Yet another benefit is cost. Performing these tasks on your own can cost more than your product development. Consolidating those efforts through the approval management group lowers those costs. In the end, you can utilize the saved funds to promote your product.