Taking Care of Your Website

While the content of the website is the most important thing, it does not mean that a webmaster should not take some time to make his website look very well. There are many things a webmaster can do to make a website look more professional.

I would like to give some pointers when it comes to the color of text on websites. This is one of the most basic decisions any webmaster has to make at some point. First of all, generally the color should be easily visible and suited to the background to ensure that visitors will not have a hard time reading text. Most pages use white background, and if that is the case black color of text fits perfectly. The general guideline is to try to use the opposite color of font compared to the background, such as black and white. I understand that some people might really want a pink or any other colorful font, but a blog should serve a purpose of delivering your opinions across. If the text is unreadable, then this is not going to be achieved easily. You should only use some �exotic� color if your website does not contain a lot of text, but other elements such as images or videos. However, if most of the content on your blog is text, then you should focus to make your blog accessible to your readers. You can easily recognize if a blog has done a good job when it comes to text color, just by looking at it for a few seconds.