Nigeria, Business and the Queen�s Birthday

The Queens 88th birthday was celebrated in style on Tuesday evening in Lagos, Nigeria at the residence of the Deputy High Commissioner.

Invest UK Limited – based in West Africa – attended the event which also celebrated high quality British engineering, displaying fantastic vehicles and machines such as the Rolls Royce Phantom, the F Type Jaguar and the classic JCB. Both the national anthems of the UK and Nigeria were enjoyed by everyone, and there was a real sense of respect and solidarity amongst all the guests.

Nigerian Economy

GDP is expanding rapidly in Africa with the newly rebased country of Nigeria laying claim to the largest economy and most accelerated GDP growth. Lagos is an area displaying various evidence of this expansion, particularly in our beautiful Avenue Suite rooms which are found next to Bar Beach. Here you can experience a scenic outlook of Eko Atlantic, an incredible development which will eventually lay home to over 399,000 occupants (the primary residence is due to complete in 2016) and receive commuters that total well over 245,000.

Warm Tales

The Winehouse – ran and owned by the Ojukwu family � is where we were honoured to host meetings with clients. Eva Inglander dazzled all with her exceptional dancing skills, dancing to the fantastic music provided by the talented performing jazz saxophonist. This great Friday night locale is a fantastic feature of Ikoyi and visitors regularly enjoy the delicious selection of affordable wine, which Mr and Mrs Ojukwu have a particular passion for. You should expect a warm welcome and a chance to hear Mr Ojukwu�s interesting stories which encompass true Nigeria.

We were lucky enough to travel past a vibrant billboard displaying details of the Lagos Carnival. It contained a few words explaining how the area needed new tourists because all previous visitors have forgotten to leave. Despite plans to return in June (we will shortly depart back to London) we still leave with a heavy heart and look forward to returning a truly beautiful and treasured country.



Opening a Franchise Perfume Store

Starting you own business can both challenging and excited. A perfume shop can be a fun and profitable venture, especially for someone who loves to experiment with fragrances. This can become a satisfying and meaningful way to spend your time. Not only will a perfume franchise give you the perfect opportunity to live your dream but you will also be supported by your franchise team, offering you help and guidance along the way.

If you decide to buy a franchise, always look for a perfume store that has a reputable name and one that offers a variety of high quality products for their customers. This will give you a good basis to work from and you know that you will buy into a credible company with a good customer history.

Be Prepared

Knowledge about the industry you are going to do business in is very important. To run a successful shop, you must know and understand the products and the market. Perfumes come in different types. These include true perfumes also known as extract, Eau de Perfume and Eau de Toilet. They can be categorized as floral, woody, green, and oceanic and Oriental and each scent serve a different purpose. For example, true perfumes have the highest concentration of scent and, therefore, a little goes a long way. Eau de Perfumes are most common and are used for cosmetics purposes and last longer than true perfumes.

When you decide to be an entrepreneur and choose to take up a franchise opportunity, we will support you all the way. We want you to succeed and be a successful business owner because we want our brand to become one of the leading names in the industry. Training will be provided on all the products, service offerings and our ordering proses, leaving you with product knowledge and knowledge on customer service

Any well-known perfume franchise will have a variety of luxury products that are sold to men and women at affordable prices. It�s a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are interested in beauty products. You might also choose a franchise that offers alternative products, especially for customers who cannot afford expensive brand name products. As long as your quality is outstanding and your customer service superior,� you can make a huge success of your franchise.

Fragrance Boutique is a leading provider of perfume products in South Africa, offering a wide variety of affordable products.