Social Media Streaming and How It Is Changing the Corporate World

It seems that everyone has a social media account today. Ask anyone between the ages of 13 and 35 and you�re likely to hear that they have multiple pages – one for each popular networking platform. With so much presence online, it�s no wonder that retailers and service providers are looking to take their advertisements and outreach online.

Internet advertisement isn�t the only way of doing this. Some of today�s most successful brands are using a tool that is available to nearly anyone and can make reaching prospective clients and consumers easier than ever before. This tool is the digital audiovisual broadcast, specifically those hosted by networking websites.

What Is Streaming Video?

BBC tells us that streamed media is any audiovisual content that is viewed or listened to live and in real time, rather than downloaded to the computer or device to enjoy later. This can consist of nearly any type of media, including videos, music and sound files and more. There are myriad online locations from which these files may be transmitted, but all of them are essentially internet-based broadcasts.

With the advent of the Facebook live stream video and other social media streaming platforms, people can reach out to one another in real time more easily than ever before. Communications companies such as BlueJeans strive to help clients understand how they can put this asset to work for them. There are as many applications for this resource as users can imagine. Just because it�s hosted by social media sites doesn�t mean it�s only purpose is socialization; the modern business owner can find many applications for it, as well!

Professional Applications

The most advantageous aspect of Facebook live video and other social media streaming services is that they are easy to tailor to the needs of businesses of any size. Whether it�s a small, independent entrepreneur reaching out to their clients or a major corporation making marketing moves, streaming video can assist in their efforts.

Both Social Media Examiner and Forbes have something to say on the matter of putting Facebook and other social media sites to work for today�s business needs. Some of these include:

  • Answering questions submitted beforehand during live sessions. This encourages viewership, as consumers may want the information as quickly as possible, especially if the response involves new products or services. Streams are a great way to introduce new content with an air of exclusivity while remaining publicly accessible.
  • Taking care of business, all at once. Replying to individual customer concerns, questions or messages can be time consuming. Streamed sessions allow representatives to respond to many issues at once and hold conversations with viewers that hold the interest of more people at once than previously possible in traditional advertisement.
  • Engaging directly with interested parties. So many brands today tease new products, offer advice on product use or service follow-ups or otherwise provide content to their viewers during broadcasts. In some formats, employees can also dialogue with viewers directly, providing a more personal touch and engaging customers fully.
  • Collecting and providing feedback on a real-time basis. This is important for improving products and services and consumer satisfaction.
  • Trend appeal. As mentioned previously, a large majority of the population already use social networks. With this built-in audience, it makes perfect business sense to meet these potential customers where they are and bring advertisement to the places where they already frequent.

There are many uses for social networking in the modern world, and that is certainly true of today�s marketing scene. With a consumer base that is relatively young overall, trend-wise technology and publicity tools are important for continuing corporate success. No tool is more trendy or easier to use than these websites and their included features.

Looking Forward to the Future

It is a virtual certainty that this resource will only continue to grow in popularity and preference among professionals as time move forward. With increasingly fast and reliable internet connections, higher quality videos will be made available and this rise in quality will create greater consumer satisfaction with that content. Once only available on a peer-to-peer basis, real-time content can now be broadcast to a wide audience which only grows as technology improves. Modern brands can advertise and reach out to potential customers on a large scale, making more positive impact on their target demographics than ever before.

Today�s business owner would be foolish not to reach out and take hold of the outreach tools that are now so accessible. Introducing these modern techniques into the advertising arsenal has had a positive effect on numerous businesses around the world, and will continue to do so in the years to come. Brands who have already put the features of these sites to work for them know this well, and those who are looking to improve need only look to the success of their peers in meeting their clients where they already are.