Six Ways to Properly Operate a Forklift

Playing with toy forklifts is something that many children have done. However, there are big differences between a toy forklift and the real thing. When used properly, forklifts are very helpful. One forklift can do a job done that would require many people to complete. Unfortunately, when operated incorrectly, forklifts can be dangerous. The following six tips will help to ensure that the forklifts are operated in a safe and effective manner.

Only Allow Qualified People to Use Them
As previously stated, forklifts are not toys. Their proper operation is important to ensuring that it is used safely. Handling a forklift requires extensive training and a license. Only those who are skilled should be able to handle equipment like�electric chain hoists and forklifts. Do not allow anyone to operate a forklift that is not qualified to do so.

Inspect the Equipment
Before anyone operates a forklift, it needs to be inspected. During the inspection, the safety features, breaks tires and steering should get checked. If anything seems to be out-of-order, do not use the equipment. Checks should not only be done for forklifts. Other types of equipment, like jib cranes, should also get inspected.

Know Your Surroundings
Forklifts carry and move heavy materials. If something should go wrong, the results could be disastrous. Forklifts need to be operated in designated areas. The operator should pay attention and follow all of the posted signs. Constant awareness of what is going on is key to operating equipment in a safe manner.

Make Sure the Load is Stabilized
Slewing jib cranes and forklifts transport heavy materials. Because of this, anything they transport is properly secured. Make it a point to properly stack, bind and tie items to the forklift. Doing this will prevent materials from falling. Also, do not overload the equipment. It usually has a weight or load limit that should not get exceeded.

Be Able to See at All Times
Maintaining visibility is necessary when using a forklift. The operator of the forklift needs to be able to see where they are going and what they are doing. Changing the way the forklift is driven may increase visibility. If necessary, the forklift can be operated backwards. It is important to note that forklifts should be driven facing forward when they are driven up ramps.

Post Operation
Using care to handle equipment of this nature does not end when it is no longer in operation. The machine needs to be maintained after it is used. Engage the parking brake and lower the forks when the forklift is no longer in use. To ensure the no unauthorized person uses it, remove the forklift�s keys.

Forklifts are fun to operate, but do not let that fool you into believing that it cannot also be dangerous. It is important to have the forklift operated by a licensed professional and that it can handle the workload. Prolift Solutions has a variety of lifting equipment, like workshop cranes, concrete kibbles and forklifts, to meet your needs. To find out more about Prolift Solutions� products, visit