Security suites for enterprise mobile app platforms

As organizations increasingly look to mobile devices and applications to help manage their people, processes and technologies, a greater amount of critical business data is generated by and stored in enterprise mobile apps. Consequently, mobile security should be a top priority for CIOs.

Security capabilities are especially important when choosing an enterprise mobile app platform for your organization. Mobile apps present a risk that increases the amount of information an enterprise must protect, especially as the mobile workforce expands quickly. This can be difficult – if not impossible – for developers to handle. Enterprise mobile app platforms that provide complete security suites provide a solution to this problem.

The ideal security suite should combine authorization, privacy and access control capabilities down to the data level. For example, KidoZen´┐Żs mobile identity management and security suite integrates with top identity providers like Microsoft Active Directory and Google ID, making it easy for organizations to bring their existing investments in identity management to their mobile systems. It also provides access controls based on these identities to control access to APIs, data sources and applications – all the way down to the object level.