Remedy For a Workaholic’s Eating Dilemma

For business owners, it�s a widely known fact that they are the hardest workers in the company. While the staff get their scheduled breaks and plan their hour lunches, owners trudge through the day barely able to sneak in that cup of coffee. Even if you can�t remedy your long hours and heavy workload, with a little planning and preparation, you can control your food intake and ensure that you don�t get too run down or sick.

Plan Ahead

Taking a couple of hours to plan and shop for healthy meals makes the week of hard work ahead more enjoyable and easier to accomplish. Forget grabbing fast food or a large meal on the way home late at night. Make a trip to the grocery store and immerse yourself in all of the beautiful delicacies available to you. The colors, textures, and flavors will delight your senses long after your shopping trip, as you indulge in them all week long. Plan meals around

  • �������� Morning smoothies filled with fruits and vegetables for healthy energy and lots of vitamins
  • �������� Lunch salads packed with greens and proteins to get through the day
  • �������� Dinner meals filled with healthy carbohydrates and lean meats to help you sleep

Steal An Hour or So

After shopping, it�s time to package your meals for the week. Figure out your breakfast smoothies and set the ingredients aside for easy assembly in the morning. For lunches, fill a week�s worth Mason jars with your favorite items, start with the dressing and continue with the denser and hardier foods toward the bottom. Finish with the greens on top. When sealed properly, they will last all week.

Finally, chop and cook all of your dinner foods together. Make a powerhouse of vitamin-rich vegetables, carbohydrates, and meats all cooked in olive or coconut oil, or both. Fry or roast everything together. Once cooled, divide it up into individual serving containers and store. Freeze several and leave a couple in the refrigerator to start your week. If you follow these steps along with other healthy tips, you will find that you are taking care of yourself while you care for your business.

It really only takes a few hours on the weekend or whatever precious time you have away from your company to take better care of yourself. Planning, shopping, and cooking not only help you through a grinding week of deadlines and hunger, it�s very satisfying to know you are eating well and balanced and that it has been all laid out for you.