Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well today. More people are taking their work lives into their own hands by starting businesses, rather than working for others. Some people, it seems, just have a knack for entrepreneurship. They take an idea and put everything in place in such a way that the business grows exponentially. Others seem to struggle. While there’s no magic formula to determine which business people will be a success, there are certain characteristics that are commonly seen in those are are. Here are the qualities every entrepreneur should have.

Time Management

Effective time management allows those starting a business to prioritize tasks and to work smarter. It is likely that you will spend nearly every waking hour working during the early phases of your business. However, that doesn’t mean that you are necessarily doing the right kinds of work. Writing down tasks and prioritizing them is a great way to visualize what needs to be done and to help hold yourself accountable. Having that kind of visual also helps to increase the chances of reaching your goals.


Having a vision of how you define success is absolutely crucial to having that success come to fruition. You need to be able to see a clear picture in your mind of what you want from your business venture. As mentioned above, writing this vision down can help to cement it in your mind and to make it more real. Take time to write down your goals clearly, both short and long-term. Check in with your plan frequently to assess your progress and to ensure you are on the right track.


Strong communication skills are necessary of anyone who intends to go out on their own. While it is your business and your dreams, it is rare that successful companies are built in a vacuum. Being a good listener falls under the umbrella of communication, as well. Being able to communicate effectively and to hear others will lead to fewer misunderstandings. Misunderstandings and miscommunication leads to loss of efficiency because time is spent fixing things and putting out fires.


Being open to new ideas, to accepting help and to change are all things that make a business person great. No one person can be all things. It’s important that you allow others to help you. Delegate tasks when necessary. Know how to best use your time and accept the assistance of others for tasks that don’t require your attention. Also, be willing to accept advice. It’s okay not to know everything. Finding a mentor, asking for advice or even reading about successful entrepreneurs like Sukanto Tanoto can move you in new directions, leading to growth for your business. Always be open to the possibilities.

These are just some of the qualities shared by successful entrepreneurs. There are many others. However, keeping these aspects in mind when going forward with your startup plans can provide a strong foundation toward building your own success.